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Shipping Containers: The Surprising Solution to Sustainable Building

Shipping containers have evolved beyond their purpose of transportation. Thanks, to the team at Back Country Containers these sturdy steel boxes are being transformed into environmentally friendly and fully functional homes.

The Origin of Back Country Containers

Back Country Containers was founded by Jon Meier, well regarded for his ability to generate intriguing solutions. His fascination with homes led him to experiment with a 20 foot shipping container. Once he successfully built his home using this approach he realized he had stumbled upon something truly distinctive. Enlisting the help of his wife Kristen who possesses a talent for design well as supportive family members assisting with construction they embarked on a captivating journey of creating visually appealing and sustainable shipping container homes.


The Craftsmanship behind Container Homes

Among their creations is the Modern Farmhouse—an embodiment of their creativity and meticulous attention to detail. This 1,100 square foot residence is spacious enough to accommodate a family while seamlessly blending the charm of a traditional house with the strength and durability offered by a container.

On the exterior this home showcases a fusion, between a house and a container. The metallic gleam of the shipping container subtly peeks through doors located on both the front and sides.
The Modern Farmhouse catches the eye with its color, which complements the hues of a shipping container without being too overwhelming.

The Inviting Front Entrance

Under a roof the front entrance of the Modern Farmhouse adds to its charm. A deck equipped with rocking chairs an element of any country home greets visitors. French doors open, onto this deck. Are accompanied by windows on each side creating a feeling of openness and space.

Inside the Modern Farmhouse

This farmhouse includes three bedrooms; a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a bunk room along with two bathrooms. The open kitchen in the room is furnished with full size appliances. Offers ample counter space. The addition of an island with bar seating makes the kitchen an inviting spot for family gatherings.

The living area is positioned directly in front of the cooking area. Features seating arrangements including a sofa, chair and ottoman. This open plan living space fosters togetherness, making it perfect, for family bonding moments.

Stylish Touches That Make a Difference

What sets apart the Modern Farmhouse are its design elements that create a blend of rusticity and elegance.
One of the bathrooms features a dresser that has been painted a vibrant shade of green and repurposed into a vanity, with sinks. These small details truly elevate the house. Turn it into a work of art.

In another bathroom you’ll find a bathtub that’s simply perfect for indulging in long relaxing soaks. The bedrooms are tastefully designed with stylish bedding and accessories. The bunk bed not serves its purpose well but exudes an incredible level of comfort adding to the overall allure of the home.

Tailor Made Homes Designed for Every Personality

Back Country Containers specializes in constructing homes using 20 foot and forty foot containers tailoring each project to match the preferences of their clients. Each container home they build possesses its charm reflecting the unique personality of those who call it home.

Although primarily based in Texas Back Country Containers is open, to building container homes anywhere their clients desire. They cater to lifestyles and needs whether someone seeks a 500 square foot residence or a spacious 2,000 square foot abode.

Shipping containers serve as building blocks for creating sized homes. With their teams creativity and dedicated effort Back Country Containers has successfully transformed these containers into residences that seamlessly blend functionality with appeal.

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