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Innermost House 12 By 12 Foot Cottage For Transcendental Ideas

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The Innermost House is a 12 x 12-foot cottage that is beautifully designed and reflects the past, present and future. The tiny cabin building, hidden in the woods, serves as a living link between high culture and nature. Although it was kept secret, the cabin building served as a private meeting spot for thinkers, leaders and creators. It was built with the intention of realizing a wild dream based on the transcendental value of beauty, truth and unity.

This concept shows the simplicity of a small cottage house or wood cabin in woods, and how it can be used to inspire clear thinking. Diane Lorence is Diane Lorence’s inspiration for Innermost House. She searched for the perfect unity of mind and place for over twenty years. Her search took her to more than 30 different places in America, from east and west to Europe and beyond. Her search ended at the exact location it started: in the solitude and silence of the woods at California’s end.

Lorence built a cabin 12 by 12 feet to end her conversation with high culture and wild nature. This cabin building would eventually be known as Innermost House. The wood cabin would provide her with the unity of experience that she had long sought. She lived in the cabin for seven years, without electricity, computer, power, or telephone. The wood cabin was only lit by fire. Innermost House is now a long-term experiment with simple living and high thinking. It demonstrates the ideas of equality and freedom, reason, simplicity and faith, environmental stewardship and reliance. Her life in nature is a gentle reminder that you can always regain the paradise you have lost.

The Innermost House publications are distributed in over a hundred countries around the globe to millions of people. The inspiring story of the prototype Innermost House was featured in Fine Homebuilding and Mother Earth Living, The Oregonian and Green Style, The Examiner, Interior Post and Yahoo homepages. There are also hundreds of books, newspapers and websites all over the world. The story has been translated in German, Spanish, Frech and Turkish as well as Japanese, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, and Pakistani.

Innermost House is a small cabin building that has been voted the World’s Favourite Small House, the Most Inspiring Small House Ever and the Most Beautiful Tiny House. Innermost House is a symbol of transcendental ideas that are built on the foundations of the earth. These hidden foundations need to be seen and experienced to be believed. It shows that your life is simpler, more sustainable, and more beautiful. A cabin building that inspires and sows the seeds of a new future. This tiny cabin building in woods will make you fall in love with its simplicity and beauty.



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