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It Used To Be A School Bus – Now It’s A Cozy Loft On Wheels!

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It’s a dream for many to travel the globe and experience different cultures and lands. Similar to this couple, who converted an old school bus into their home on wheels and traveled 12,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina. They wanted to travel from the top of North America down to the bottom in South America, along The Pan Am highway, which is the longest road that can be traveled by vehicle. The cute bus they had converted into a tiny home on wheels was all they needed. Travelers can travel through 14 countries on the Pan Am highway: Canada, Mexico (El Salvador), Honduras), Costa Rica. Nicaragua, Panama. Columbia, Ecuador. Peru. Chile. It would take approximately 30,000 miles to travel to each continent’s tip. Many people have attempted this feat, and many of them succeed. Even though it is not cheap, you could end up spending a lot if you have to stay in hotels along the way. The couple decided to purchase an older school bus and make it their own home.

Felix and Selima, who are affectionately called Mogli by their nicknames, are originally German. They found that they loved to travel and make art together, so they bought a school bus and renovated it to travel across North and South America. They packed up their Berlin apartment, and flew to the United States with Rudy, their dog. The couple bought their school bus online and they can deliver it wherever they need. They bought the longest bus possible to maximize their space. The couple transformed their bus into a lovely home with a stylish and cozy design. The couple removed all the seats that used to be occupying the entire length of their bus, which was once capable of carrying up to 78 children at a time. They also installed flooring and put in tiny furniture that fits in the space.

This tiny bus house on wheels has an amazing interior. It even has a fully-equipped kitchen with a stove. This would allow them to save money and cook their own meals in the bus-house. This project offers many options for reusing old buses or campers and making them into beautiful, comfortable homes. You can live in a small house in a converted bus, which allows you to take your home along on the road. This is ideal for those who are prone to wanderlust. People are looking for innovative ways to build the home of their dreams, no matter how small or large. People are finding ways to reuse materials and make new things out of them, which saves money and prevents more waste from going to the landfill. This couple is a great example of what can be done when you have enough passion and work hard. Expedition Happiness is their YouTube channel. You can follow their journey and watch where it takes them. You might even find inspiration from their adorable little bus that they converted into a tiny house and decide to make your own.

More information can be found here: YouTube – Expedition Happiness