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Little Garden Log Cabin Kit For $5,000

  • 2 min read

Sometimes simpler is a lot! It might not be affordable for all of us to buy or build a log cabin as a home, but one that will replace the outdated and ugly shed, can surely be helpful. The next little log cabin you’re about to see is just what you need for making gardening a semi-professional thing. You can store the gardening tools, as well as seeds, soil mixes and pots, all in one place. The cabin makes up for a perfect place for planning all sorts of gardening. It has lots of windows, but also good insulation, so you can easily read and plan all about your garden activities in there. Check out the interior as well as the floor plans made available at the next link. For $5,000 the kit of this log cabin can be yours and in a matter of weeks you’ll have your little garden heaven. 

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