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Moon Dragon Tiny House Is Marvelously Unique

  • 4 min read

This tiny house looks straight out of a fairytale. Zyl Vardos, an expert tiny house builder, custom built each tiny house according to the client’s requirements. They can be shipped anywhere within North America, making them very accessible to clients across the country. Zyl Vardos’ owner is Abel Zyl. He has been building tiny houses for 10 years. He is a pioneer in the tiny house movement. Able was also a founding member the American Tiny House Association. Able also offers tiny house consulting to people who want to build their own tiny homes. He hosts a show called “Ask Zyl Live,” where people can ask any questions they might have about tiny houses and how to build them. Each design is hand-built and meticulously crafted with great attention to detail. This tiny house design has curved roofs that look like something from a fairytale. Abel also designed the round windows that are a signature feature of every tiny house he makes.

They have four corners that open up to allow ventilation and look great. He uses only the best materials, including wood, for both the interior and exterior. The tiny house on wheels may look small from the outside but a closer inspection of the interior will reveal how much Abel has packed into this adorable little home. The Moon Dragon tiny home is just one of his exquisite finished products. It also includes all of the lovely details he incorporates in every design. It’s also one the larger designs of his finished tiny houses. The Moon Dragon measures 9.25 by 24 feet in length. The Moon Dragon is made of cedar with handmade windows and a Dutch entrance door. It also features a domed roofline with a sleeping loft which can fit a queen size bed. There’s enough space on either side to accommodate side tables. The main floor features a large kitchen that can cook delicious meals. The bathroom has a vanity, sink, and a Nature’s Head toilet. He installed a beautiful concrete shower with glass doors, and then added cork flooring and a tongue-and-groove ceiling.

He used birch wood paneling for the walls. It can be painted but it also looks great natural. He also installed two large closets in his loft, which help clients store their clothes. The loft’s storage staircase includes a slide-out pantry. This is a great feature for tiny houses on wheels. As you can see, this tiny house costs $110,000 USD with everything included. It’s not too expensive considering the home is mobile and can be taken anywhere you like. It costs a fraction of regular homes these days so it would be easier to get a loan. A deck would be a great addition for this tiny house on wheels, making the most of the outdoor space. What do you think of this tiny house design idea? Do you like the various archways and curves in this tiny house? Perhaps you would like your own Zyl Vardo.



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