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Step Inside the Magical Moon Dragon Tiny House: A Marvel of Creativity

Moon Dragon Tiny House stands out among tiny houses by inspiring wonder and admiration with its magical appearance reminiscent of something out of a fairytale, as evidenced by Abel Zyl, founder of Zyl Vardos. This article details its fascinating design features as well as Abel Zyl himself who inspired its construction.

Tiny House

Zyl Vardos and Abel Zyl – Tiny House

Zyl Vardos, an esteemed tiny house builder, offers custom-built units tailored specifically to each customer. Their services allow clients across North America access these convenient tiny houses.

Abel Zyl, who has been building tiny houses for the last decade, was the mastermind behind this innovative company. A pioneer of the tiny house movement and founding member of American Tiny House Association, Abel has made many contributions to this industry besides his building skills; offering consulting services for those wanting to construct their own tiny homes; hosting “Ask Zyl Live,” an event to provide advice about tiny house construction.


Moon Dragon Tiny House Features Distinctive Architecture and Construction Details

The Moon Dragon Tiny House stands out with its distinctively curving roofline and round windows reminiscent of fairy tale houses, marking Abel as an artist with impeccable designs and attention to detail. These signature features serve as a testament to his craftsmanship.

Built from premium materials such as wood for both its interior and exterior surfaces, Moon Dragon stands as an impressive testament to quality and craftsmanship. While initially appearing small from outside, closer examination reveals its spacious yet thoughtfully planned layout inside.

Inside Moon Dragon Tiny House

At 9.25 by 24 feet in length, Zyl Vardos’ Moon Dragon house stands out among his completed tiny house designs as one of his larger works. Crafted of cedar with handmade windows and Dutch entrance door features such as domed roofline housing a sleeping loft spacious enough for queen-sized bed as well as side tables.

On the main level of this home is an expansive kitchen capable of whipping up delicious meals. Additionally, its bathroom boasts a vanity, sink and Nature’s Head toilet as well as an attractive concrete shower featuring glass doors – not forgetting cork flooring throughout and tongue-and-groove ceiling with tongue-and-groove ceiling feature and birch wood panelling on walls!

Storage solutions have been carefully planned into this design, including two large closets in the loft area as well as an ingenious staircase containing a pull-out pantry.

Cost and Value With an approximate price of $110,000 USD, the Moon Dragon Tiny House provides tremendous value when considering both mobility and quality. At only a fraction of regular home costs, financing one may prove easier; plus adding an outdoor deck could further maximize this mobile tiny house on wheels’ benefits.

The Moon Dragon Tiny House stands as an inspiring testament to what’s possible within the realm of tiny homes – with its distinctive arches and curves it truly makes an artistic statement! No matter if you appreciate unique architecture or are considering owning your own Zyl Vardo home – its striking appearance stands as proof.

You can find more information at: Zyl Vardos