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My Retirement ! One of our Favorite Log Cabin To Live After Retirement

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This cabin, the Winter Camp Cabin, is a perfect example traditional log cabin looks like. This log cabin reminds us of the log homes that settlers would build when they were first coming over to the Americas from Europe. The Swedish were the first to build these amazing homes, bringing the concept and design from their homeland. They made good use of everything they found around them so they chose to use the trees because they are abundant and they make, study, strong houses that are can last a really long time. Plus they are so easily assessable in the North. Ever since the log home and cabin industry has steadily been growing over the years. Now there are companies like eLog Homes, that you can buy awesome prefabricated log home kits from.

The Winter Camp Cabin log home is lovely looking, very simple but has all of the space a small group would need. The whole cabin is 960 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with everything spread out over the space on the main level. This cabin exemplifies the essence of a traditionally built log cabin. The logs are left round instead of being cut into different shapes and sizes. They are hand peeled and then stacked upon each other and have the notches in the corners so that they stack perfectly and create the strong corners of the house. The house features an awesome front deck and wrap around porch which is a total of 328 square feet. This would create an awesome outdoor area on the cabin with plenty of space to entertain and relax outside. The angled roof with the nice sized window underneath incorporated in on the ceiling level, would allow so much nice natural light into the space. There is an abundance of windows throughout the home too, which overall creates a very nice atmosphere to be in.

The company, eLog Homes has a great website, showing the cabins that they prefabricate and distribute in North America. They use Eastern White Pine logs, seasoned and air dried, and handcraft them all. Eastern White Pine is their choice log to use because of the consistent and superior quality to other logs. They have superior stability and high insulation value. This is why only certain types of trees are used for building log homes. Some trees have too many bends and are weaker, so they are not suitable for building.

eLog Homes has tons of different floor plans and layouts for their prefabricated log cabins and homes, all beautiful and unique, just like the people who want to purchase them. They are a company that cares about the quality of the logs they use in their building projects and will make any effort in finding the perfect materials. They do all of the work by hand too, so you know that the logs will be of the utmost quality. They understand that purchasing a log home is the largest purchase you will ever make in your life, so they work with you every step of the way.

This Story was Inspired By: eLog Homes