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Explore The Carolina, A Beloved Log Cabin Package Starting At $57,196

Log homes and cabins evoke memories of simpler times. Of all of the many log home plans currently available, one that stands out is Carolina Log Home by eLog Homes; with its charming old-fashioned kit easily assembled to form a snug dwelling that blends harmoniously into any environment.

Log Homes Log homes have been around ever since European settlers established themselves in North America; Swedish architects pioneered log home design. Early settlers utilized whatever materials were readily available; taking care to respect nature in all that they did – an attitude still evident today through log homes such as Carolina models1.

A Closer Look at Carolina Log Homes: A Comprehensive Overview

The Carolina log home strikes an ideal balance in size; measuring 816 square feet on its first floor while adding another 470 on its second. Altogether, total living area for this home totals 1,2886 sq feet1.

Plan details indicate that the main level will feature two bedrooms and one bathroom; with the master suite located on an upper-floor bedroom suite while remaining bedrooms sharing an en suite bathroom on lower-level floors1.

Design features of this Carolina log home include an expansive porch for relaxation or hosting barbecues or dinner parties, making this house easy to fit into any neighborhood1. Although relatively compact in size, its classic yet familiar feel make this design perfect for integration.

Quality Materials and Construction Methods.

eLog Homes uses only high quality Eastern White Pine for their log home kits, known for having less knots – often weak points – making this type of wood more resilient1. Furthermore, Eastern White Pine logs feature stronger knots making their durability greater1.

White Pine is both easy and economical to work with, boasting high insulation ratings. To prolong its use and reduce issues such as rotting, mold growth or infestation by pests such as squirrels or rodents, logs must first be dried for at least three months and cut by hand for precision and quality1.

Order Your Log Home

eLog Homes’s online platform makes purchasing plans for log homes or cabins quick and straightforward; permits and blueprints may also be obtained depending on where your build will occur. Plans start from an affordable $299 plus $15 shipping & handling1.

Prefab log homes like those offered by eLog Homes make owning a log home simpler and more affordable, without compromising the quality of materials used.


The Carolina log home from eLog Homes stands as an elegant testament to both their charm and practicality. Blending simplicity, elegance, and quality construction into its cost-effective solution for cozy yet comfortable dwelling needs – drawing people in with its rustic country charm 1.

Source: eLog Homes