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Oh Carolina! One of our Favorite Log Cabins (Packages starting at: $57,196)

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Log homes and cabins can evoke a sense of nostalgia for some people. They can remind us of simpler times. The Carolina Log Home plans are perfect for those with a soft spot for these lovely structures. Since the Europeans arrived in North America, log homes have been built. It was the Swedish who introduced the log home construction concept to North America. The people back then used whatever materials they had at hand and were conscious of their surroundings and took a mindful approach to all they did.

The Carolina log home is a charming, old-fashioned looking kit that can be assembled from eLog Homes. They offer the best log homes and are easy to assemble. The eLog Homes website allows you to purchase plans for the home or cabin you wish to build. You can also get permits and blueprints depending on your location. The plans are very affordable at $299 plus $15 shipping and handling. The Carolina is a beautiful, simple, yet elegant home. It’s a good size, neither too large nor too small. The home is 816 square foot on the first floor and 470 square on the second floor. It totals 1,286 square footage. According to the plans, the main level would include two bedrooms and one bathroom. The master bedroom is on the upper floor, while the second bedroom and the third bedroom are on the lower level. They share an en suite bathroom.

The porch is large enough to relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. You can also host barbecues and dinner parties here. The home is quite small and has a similar size to a regular house. It has a familiar feel that makes it easy to integrate into any area or neighborhood. It has a very country-like feel and invites people in to its warmth. There are several large windows throughout the log home that are quite large.

Log homes are a great way to build. eLog Homes uses the finest Eastern White Pine for their log home kits. The Eastern White Pine is known for having fewer knots which are weak spots. However, the Eastern White Pine logs have stronger knots. The White Pine is easy to work with and has a high insulation rating. The logs are dried for at least three months to prevent rotting, mould, and infestation by critters. All pieces are cut by hand. You can now order prefabricated log homes and log cabins from many places. eLog Homes makes it simple and affordable, while still maintaining high quality materials.

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