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Old Fashioned Lakehouse Log Cabin for $34,000

  • 2 min read

Lakehouse log cabin

A log cabin is a dream for many. But this old-fashioned design combines modern log home building features with time-tested and affordable features to make it a reality.
This is an affordable option to log home kits, which you might consider either for full-time living or for use as vacation homes.

ELog Homes is one of the most popular log cabin kits. ELog Homes can either build it for you or hire a competent contractor. The log house construction features a true notch-and-pass system with a factory precut mortise joint and tenon joint. They use Eastern White Pine logs, which are air dried. There are many log styles to choose.

.Lakehouse log cabin floor plan

The Lakehouse is a well-designed floor plan that offers 720 square footage of living space. It has one story, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and is 720 feet in size.

Lakehouse log cabin sketch

Learn more, or order this kit at ELogHomes.