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Explore this One-Story Log House with a Wrap-Around Porch!

Log homes possess an irreplaceable charm unrivaled by any other form of residence. Their rustic elegance harkens back to simpler times while providing modern comforts we take for granted today. One model which perfectly captures this balance is Real Log Homes’ one-story log house called the Cheyenne with its wrap-around porch designed by Real Log Homes and constructed.

Cheyenne Log House

Real Log Homes’ vast, 2,408-square-foot log house known as The Cheyenne is an impressive demonstration of their 50 years in the industry. Boasting three bedrooms (master with ensuite bath), two additional ones and two and half baths as well as an ample 576 sq. foot garage space makes The Cheyenne an ideal fit for families of any size.

Log House

One of the defining characteristics of The Cheyenne is its open concept design, which unifies living room, dining area, and kitchen into one spacious environment that fosters community engagement while offering ample room for socialising or hosting guests. It creates an ideal setting for family bonding sessions or hosting entertaining guests alike!

Log Homes Are Apetrlooking Attractive for Residential Use

The Cheyenne boasts an inviting log home vibe that appeals to many. Natural materials give this home an undeniably welcoming warmth, while cathedral ceilings add grandeur and spaciousness. A wrap-around porch not only amplifies this home’s rustic charm, but it provides relaxing outdoor space where one can take in nature’s splendor.

Log Homes have an incredible legacy.

Real Log Homes is one of the oldest names in log home and cabin building industry with more than fifty years of experience under their belts. Their focus on quality craftsmanship and design innovation have resulted in models which provide both rustic charm as well as comfort and convenience of modern living environments.

Consider The Advantages of Log Home Ownership When Making Decision

Log homes such as The Cheyenne can bring many advantages. Not only will you get its distinctive aesthetic appeal, but there are practical considerations too: log homes are well known for being energy efficient due to their thermal mass which helps regulate indoor temperature regardless of outside climates; additionally they’re durable and long-lived making them great investments for future growth and value retention.

Log Homes Can Create Memorabilia That Last a Lifetime

No matter your reason for wanting a log home, or its modern amenities, The Cheyenne by Real Log Homes should definitely be on your shortlist. With its spacious design, stunning aesthetic appeal and practical benefits – such as creating lasting family memories in it.

Ultimately, The Cheyenne epitomizes what makes log homes special: not simply as places to live but a lifestyle choice which embraces nature, history and a home which reflects your personal tastes perfectly.

Real Log Homes offer several styles for their Cheyenne log home model.