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Park Model Log Cabin from $21,950

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You might be considering a log home or log cottage for many reasons. Maybe you are looking to escape and spend weekends there, or perhaps you want to live in a log home full time.

When you think about log homes and log log cabins, park-model log cabins may not be the first thing that comes to mind. This log cabin’s interior and exterior photos will impress you. This site features a wide range of rustic log cabins. These log cabins can then be attached to trailers. The log cabins come fully furnished and are available for rent. These log cabins are perfect for camping or for anyone who wants a place to escape. These park model log cabins can be purchased as a turn-key option. They are ready to live in, or rent out. These park model log cabins are cozy and attractive with their rustic design. These park model log cabins have many other benefits. They are more durable than others and can last a lifetime. They are also easier to maintain and require fewer permits. These park model log cabins tend to be more affordable than other parks model cabins.

Lancaster Log Cabins Kits offer a variety of sizes and options for log cabins. You will find park model log homes that measure 12 feet by 21 inches and have a porch measuring 165 square feet. This park model log cabin can sleep four people and has a full kitchen and bathroom. If you require more space, you can check out their deluxe park models log cabins. These log cabins have a 14 foot by 25 foot porch and can accommodate up to six people. You can also choose to add a loft to this park model home.

Log cabins appeal to many people. Log cabins have been around since the first homesteaders came across the land.

Log cabin ownership is something many people have cherished for many years. Owning a log home or log cabin is a way to create and share more time with loved ones. You know exactly what you’re getting with these park model log homes. A park model log cabin is a great choice for those who want a beautiful log cabin design that they can park in a campground that they can enjoy. Your park model log cabin location can be chosen from the lakeside, forest or pondside. The park model log cabin’s porch is a great place for you to relax and enjoy the natural sights and smells. You can put your kits to sleep and then relax by just sitting back. There are so many park models available that you can choose from. There is sure to be something to fit your life, whether you are looking for smaller models or larger park models. You’ll want to take a look inside to see for yourself.

Lancaster Log Cabins are designed by master craftsmen who are skilled in what they do. The tongue and groove logs used in the construction of the park model log cabins were combined with the State of The Art log interlocking systems.

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