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People Cannot Stop Talking About This Extremely Cozy And Rustic Cabin

Cottleville, Missouri, a town situated close, to the Dardenne River has a historical background. In the 1800s this settlement flourished with amenities like a store a repair shop for wagons two cozy hotels and two grist mills. These establishments served the needs of travelers heading west on the Boonslick Trail including stagecoaches, wagon trains and even pony express riders.

By 1839 the settlement had experienced growth. Was officially named Cottleville. By 1860 its population had soared to around 500 individuals. Amongst this community stood a log cabin owned by the Bross brothers.

The Bross brothers were blacksmiths who operated their workshop in the heart of Cottleville. They resided next to their log cabin which they expanded in 1877. During renovation work at that time they covered the logs with siding to shield them from weather elements. As time passed by the cabin eventually fell into oblivion until it was recently acquired.


The new proprietors stumbled upon the concealed logs. Made the decision to dismantle the cabin carefully piece, by piece. Each log was meticulously. Stored away for safekeeping. Eventually Glenn and Cheryl Hill became owners of this property with a mission ahead. Rebuilding the cabin using its logs and adhering to its initial layout.
The restoration of the Bross Brothers Cabin was an endeavor, driven by an appreciation, for the rich history of Cottleville. The cabin underwent renovations. Now serves as a charming vacation rental with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Today it stands proudly as a symbol of Cottlevilles past that has been lovingly revived by the communitys commitment to preserving its heritage.

This delightful vacation home provides guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the ambiance of 1800s Cottleville. It is a choice for those visiting the town for events, weddings or simply to explore and immerse themselves in the local culture.

When staying at the Bross Brothers Cabin guests will find themselves conveniently located near attractions that Cottleville has to offer. They can easily visit event venues such as the Public School House, Piazza Messina and the Old Hickory Golf Club. For those seeking thrills and excitement there are plenty of options including Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park Mastermind Room Escape St. Charles, Kokomo Joes family fun center and Six Flags St. Louis.

Nature enthusiasts will also appreciate being close to havens like Legacy Park at Dardenne Greenway Legacy Park itself Scott A. Lewis Park/Buchheit Lake and City Centre Park. These serene locations provide opportunities, for enjoying air and reveling in natural beauty.

Inside the Bross Brothers Cabin

Step, inside the cabin. You’ll be greeted by a blend of historical charm and modern comfort. The parlor, with its hand logs that have stood the test of time for over 200 years instantly transports you to a bygone era. Cozy up by the fireplace in the sitting area adorned with beautiful pine floors and charming tongue and groove ceilings. A large table beckons for gathering and enjoying company. Towards the back of the cabin lies the master bedroom, complete with all the amenities you’d expect along with a appointed kitchen.

Venture down to the basement where additional bedrooms await each offering walkout access to a tranquil backyard of a park. The maintained gardens create a backdrop for leisurely gatherings or simply finding solace in nature.

A Retreat Steeped in History

The Bross Brothers Cabin is more than a place to stay; it’s an experience that delves into Cottlevilles fascinating past. This remarkable restoration project stands as a testament to our communitys unwavering dedication to preserving our heritage. As our guest not will you luxuriate in the comforts of this rustic log cabin but also uncover layers upon layers of captivating history.

Whether you’re here for an occasion exploring attractions or simply seeking respite from everyday life staying at Bross Brothers Cabin guarantees an extraordinary and unforgettable journey through time. So why not embark on this one of a kind adventure, in Cottleville? Let history embrace you as you step back in time.

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