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Popular Vermont Cottage Kit Has Thee Different Floor Plan Options And Three Sizes Starting From $10,174

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It’s exciting to see so many new designs and companies for tiny houses, like this Vermont Cottage from Jamaica Cottage Shop. This tiny house is a favorite and it’s always available so it can ship right away. This tiny house design has three floor plans and three sizes. Option A, the first option, has a 4-foot porch. Option B has no porch at any and Option C has a 4-by-16-foot porch at its end. All floor plans come with a loft. You can either choose to do it yourself or get a complete precut package. The precut kits include all the necessary materials, which are colour-coded, numbered, and stacked to make assembly simple and efficient. Their tiny house kits are easy to assemble and take only 40 hours to complete. The kits are free to ship within the US or Eastern Canada. But, you can save upto $500 if you pick your cabin up at the Vermont factory.

The company also offers financing to those who wish to finance their tiny house over time. You can now live in a small house or enjoy vacationing in your cabin. The adorable cottage looks great from the outside. It features all wood siding. This is perfect for a home in the middle of nature. Customers can choose the colour of their stain or paint, as well as the colour for the metal roofing to give their home an individual look. You can have the cabins insulated for three to four seasons depending on your location. Great windows allow for fresh air to enter the cabin and natural lighting to expand the space. The tiny house design creates the illusion of more space with its higher ceiling in the living area. If you live in colder areas, a small wood-burning stove is also an option. This would keep the tiny house warm and cozy. The tiny house design includes a bathroom that can either have a regular flush toilet, or a Natures Head toilet. The loft is located above the living area and is tall enough for you to stand in. It can also accommodate a bed.

You can also use the small kitchen to put in a stove and oven, as well as a fridge to keep your food fresh. There are many other tiny houses in the collection. If you need more space, you can add to your cottage. The Vermont Cottage is priced at approximately $10,000, which is quite affordable for a tiny home or cabin. There are also smaller cabins and sheds available starting at $2,000 which would be great for a small studio or garden shed. These units can be used as home offices by some people. It is a great way for them to work remotely from their home. You can also see their tiny houses on wheels if you are looking for a more mobile option to small house living.

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