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Prefab Tiny House For $5000

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Prefab arched cabin

Are you looking for the tiny home of your dream, but do not have a large budget to spend?
The standard prefab Arched Cabin kit includes floor plates, ribs and a ridge beam. R13 insulation is included (though it can be upgraded to R25 for cooler climates), Super Span roof panels, trim, and fasteners.
The product does not include a foundation, interior finishing, or end caps. However, distributors can offer assistance to those who do not enjoy DIY. Even build it yourself.

Browse the pictures to see what life would be like in one of these log cabins.

Prefab arched cabin construction

Prefab arched cabins

These tiny homes, or arched houses, are rated at 150mph winds and can withstand 30 PSF (pounds/square feet) of snow. If built properly, there is no need to worry.

Prefab arched cabin interior

Prefab arched cabin interior

What is the cost?
The smallest tiny cabin costs less than $1,000 before shipping, and without all the upgrades. A basic one-room home costs less that $5,000.

The most expensive kit is $12,800. This includes the basics.
Upgrades and custom sizes are available.
For more information on the developers, visit Arched Cabins