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Rock And Wood Is This The Coolest Home Ever? Maybe

  • 3 min read

Double D Ranch has one of the most beautiful designs. This comfortable, modern accommodation uses a range of reclaimed construction materials to achieve its rustic, yet contemporary design. The Ranch is 4,055 square foot and was completed in 2000. Miller Architects Ltd., a Montana-based architectural firm, is responsible for this stunning Ranch. This Ranch was designed by Miller Architects Ltd. from Montana.

The owner wanted to create a ranch that would allow his wife, who was also a designer, to enjoy Montana just as much as him. The owner’s wife, who is an interior designer, was encouraged to participate in the design of the ranch compound, which included the main home, a fishing cabin, and a horse bar. The Double D Ranch made use of reclaimed materials, including stones from tailings at an abandoned mining operation nearby, antique railroad lamps for exterior lighting and reclaimed wood to create a place which has exceeded the owner’s goal.

The Swedish Guest Cabin was built in 1912 near Ennis by Swedish homesteaders. The cabin was disassembled, and then brought back to life into a comfortable and modern guest accommodation. The Fishing Cabin, located on a steep hillside at the bottom of a trout pond, is a small shelter that enhances time spent near water. It’s a place where you can take a quick break from a storm or nap. The owners also wanted to blend this small retreat into the surrounding natural environment. The owners were able to achieve their goal with a sod-roof and local building materials, such as displaced rocks from nearby mining waste.

These architects have created some stunning designs, including the Double D Ranch. You can see their attention to detail with each design. When they design, they consider more than just combining rooms. They also take into account a range influences that extend further. Their design aesthetic is influenced by the textures, materials and color palettes of the region they are building in. Their goal is to create spaces which allow owners to enjoy the natural surroundings. When you look at these beautifully designed buildings you can really feel it. They are an extension to their surroundings, and they all seem perfectly suited to the location they sit.

They also believe everyone should be included in the design, from the client to the contractor and the suppliers of building material. Listening, exchanging inspired ideas, and being honest makes the design process enjoyable. It shows in their work. You can’t but be inspired by each architectural design. Each one is better than the previous. Each architectural design makes it more appealing to stay.

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