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See What Six Days and $20,000 Can Get You in the Tiny House Movement

  • 4 min read

Angela and Hydrect are a young couple that decided their first home together was going to be a tiny house to best suit their lifestyle as a traveling nurse and music producer. With a budget of only $20,000, they contacted JM Designs Builds of Broadview, Ohio to collaborate with them and make their ideas come to life. The end result was the Bohemian Escape which came together in just six days! It’s since gone through two owners with the latest purchasing it for $49,000.
JM Design Build Tiny House
We love the exterior of this home almost as much as we love what’s on the inside. The dark blue wood siding gives a classic nod while the lime green door pops off for an unexpected “hello!” as you enter the home.
JM Design Build Tiny House
Inside, it’s hard to believe this home was built on a budget and in under a week when you see the beautiful finishes like a funky chandelier, subway tile, and wood siding.
JM Design Build Tiny House
The kitchen is completely functional and completely gorgeous with a subway tile backsplash, granite-looking countertops and custom white cabinets. Hooks were placed along the molding to make use of the vertical space and an electric cooktop was added.

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