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Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes to Live Their Golden Years Off the Grid

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More and more seniors are turning to independent living instead of assisted living or RVs. tiny homes Spending their retirement. In fact, according to a 2015 study, 30% of tiny home owners were between the ages of 51 and 70. Senior citizens are a large part of this movement. More companies are now specializing on small residences that have been designed with comforts specifically for this demographic.

For example, in 2013, at age 72. Bette Presley She decided to downsize, deciding to forgo an RV in favor of a tiny house when she decided that she wanted to be mobile but still have all the comforts at home. Her 166 square foot cabin allows her to live completely off the grid thanks to solar panels. It is also built on a set of wheels so that she can travel.

Shirley Louiselle’s downsizing was more about convenience than mobility. Her grandson’s 240-square-foot tiny home was built because she felt that she didn’t require more space. This led to the creation of his business. Next Door Housing. The company has incorporated senior-friendly features, such as low countertops, cupboards and bathrooms accessible to wheelchairs. Other companies also offer wheelchair accessible bathrooms. MEDCottage Market their homes as an alternative to assisted living. Their solutions, affectionately known as “granny pods,” even have smart systems that remind seniors to take their medication and can be purchased as RV friendly homes or simply installed on a plot of land.

Some seniors don’t see these homes as a retirement option, but instead as a smart investment. The Sausage Nonnas Three Italian grandmothers are traveling in their small houses to cook up a storm at an event called Sausage Sundays.

Many seniors prefer tiny homes to RVs or assisted living. This model by Tumbleweed Houses It was even customized with an outdoor hot tub and covered patio.

Bette Presley was 72 when she designed a mobile cabin of 166 square feet that is equipped for off-grid life.

tiny house living for senior citizens

Photo: The Tribune

The Working Grandmothers, also known as the Sausage Nonnas, use their tiny homes to travel the country and cook meals for Sausage Sundays.

tiny house living for senior citizens

Photo: Sausage Nonnas

Watch Shirley Louiselle speak about the tiny house that her grandson constructed for her, and how it inspired his new business.