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Shipping Container Transformed Into a Beautifully Rustic Tiny House [12 Photos]

  • 3 min read

There are many ways to live in a small house. You can live small in an apartment or in a tiny house on a base. You could also live in a tiny home on wheels, which is more mobile. A shipping container can be transformed into a tiny home like this one by Custom Container Living. They design custom container homes with affordability and quality in mind. These buildings can be used full-time or as a home for a few people. It’s easy to convert a shipping container into small-sized living space. There are many options. There are small house designs from 20 feet up to 40 feet. You can choose from a variety of siding options, including colours, cabinets and flooring. You can also look at their Styles and Options pages for inspiration, even if your goal is to build a small house. They also have floor plans available. You can also have multiple container homes built to create a larger floor plan. Shipping containers are great because you can build a smaller home and then add on to it with more containers.

Custom Container Living’s small house designs look more like regular homes. This is the best thing about Custom Container Living’s designs. They use wooden siding. The regular shipping containers are fine as is, but it’s nice to add some siding to them. Custom Container Living will help you find the right container for your project. This can be time-consuming. They will provide all of the materials necessary to build your shipping containers home. You can find shipping containers all over the country if you are interested in building your own shipping container home. These containers are most easily found in coastal cities that receive large shipments in shipping container. Sometimes, you may only be able find one size of shipping container. This could be not what you were looking. Depending on where your shipping container is purchased for your tiny house, you could spend up to $3000.

Shipping containers can be used to build tiny houses or for small-scale living. This is a great way to upcycle old materials and resources instead of buying new ones. This allows us to build affordable housing that is more environmentally-friendly. Another advantage to shipping containers for tiny houses is the ability to build your own structure. The framework is already set up, which makes it even easier to start building. Only the remaining steps are to add insulation, interior walls and windows, as well as doors and finishing. You can also recycle or use secondhand materials to make small house designs. Countertops, cabinets, and other items can be found second-hand from demolition projects. You can also use wood left over from other construction projects. See more small house designs on Custom Container Living’s website to see how amazing these shipping container houses are. Perhaps you’ll feel more inspired to make a tiny home of your own with shipping containers.***