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Small Craftsman’s styled cottage is big on charm

  • 4 min read

Washington is becoming increasingly popular for its beautiful landscapes and for its housing opportunities. There are affordable homes that can be found alongside stunning homes at very reasonable prices. This Tacoma house is no exception. This house boasts three bedrooms and two floors.

The 1,798-square-foot home is located in a charming residential cul de sac, not far from Proctor’s business district. Although it is too large to be considered a small home, it is a suburbanite’s dream home. Let’s take you on a tour of the place.
The facade is mostly white with deep blue trims on the doors, windows and roof. It has a solid, yet understated look.

The front door is supported by small glass panes that allow natural light into the living area. The fireplace is made from rough-looking stone and adds personality to the space.
The juxtaposition of black and white on the walls is beautiful enough, but the ornate arch that connects the dining room with the living room is just stunning – it’s like walking into a painting.
The master bedroom has no lights and has a chandelier almost as long as its bed. The home’s most recognizable feature is its half-paneled walls. This allows the owners to change the upper portion of each room’s color, while keeping the white paneling. This creates a consistent, customizable theme.

The bedroom also has its own bathroom. It is connected to the doorway by a decorative arch. A walk-in closet is also located in the bathroom.
For a warmer look, the other bathroom uses pastel colors. A window located above the toilet lets in some light.

The striking blue color of the kitchen counters contrasts well with the white drawers, cupboards and walls.
For a traditional “dinner” feel, a dining booth with benches is located in the corner of our kitchen.
The backyard area has blue trimming, and potted plants reflect the color. A small porch can be used for outdoor relaxation and has its own coffee table and seats.

It is the use of colors that makes this home stand out. What do you think? Let’s get to know each other.