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Smart Storage Ideas And High End Finishes Make This Tiny House A Winner

  • 4 min read

Mini Smart House’s Hiatus House is one of their tiny SMART homes. Tiny SMART Houses come have lengths ranging from 16 to 44 feet. The normal trailer width is 8 feet to 8 feet 6 inches, with widths ranging from 10 to 12 feet possible. Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes created the Hiatus House for their cottage tiny house neighborhood in Bend, Oregon. The small houses for this development were built by Tiny SMART House, and we are pleased to report that the tiny house model home is now complete. Inside and out, the Hiatus tiny house design is appealing. This tiny house design has many of characteristics to appreciate, including wood on the exterior and white walls and ceilings on the inside.

Tiny SMART House is an Albany, Oregon-based small house constructor. One of this tiny house company’s goals is to assist people in going tiny in the way that best suits them, so they are a fully licensed and certified tiny house builder who can construct RV travel trailers, residential homes, park models, prefab homes, and accessory dwelling units, also known as ADUs. They are also delighted to offer a number of services in addition to fully finished tiny house designs, such as tiny house plans alone, tiny house design services, or a partially finished small house such as a tiny house shell, depending on their clients’ demands. They can assist you in realizing your tiny house dreams.

Nathan Light Watson seen and worked on multiple super-sized homes throughout his years in the construction industry, which many people have been indoctrinated to view as the American Dream. Watson had always liked a simpler way of life and was worried by how difficult it was to achieve and how unsatisfying it was. It came out that his aims, ambitions, and values differed significantly from those of the majority of construction industry specialists. Rather than building a 4,000-square-foot mansion, he wanted to spend his days pursuing his genuine passion: assisting people in living joyfully, debt-free, and responsibly. He never looked back after learning how to live in a little place. Watson is the sole owner, President, and CEO of the Tiny SMART House, which he started in 2012.

Designed and built by Tiny Smart House.