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Stay in a bright vineyard cottage and enjoy a glass of wine in its spacious living room

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This cottage looks like it was plucked from a Norman Rockwell painting of New England, but its location is probably even better. This home is located in California, nestled between Napa Valley and Sonoma. The front porch has a mixture of farm and vineyard air.
You’ll be equally delighted inside. The living area is decorated in neutrals and pops of color. The ceiling is a beautiful feature.The ceiling is high and wooden with white beams that draw your eye up and across the space. There is also a large kitchen, a dreamy bedroom, and an outdoor area that you will find hard to leave.

Explore this beautiful California cottage’s design and amenities.
This large front porch is the first thing that will catch your eye. We love that the owners Candace and John chose to add a splash of color by painting the floor a stunning deep green. It’s a feature we love, especially with those red cushions.
This living room is full of cozy corners where you can curl up. This room has a fun, eclectic design, with a country feel. It also features big, comfy couches and chairs. The rug is tribal, the painting pays tribute to the nearby farms and the mix-and match furniture is really shabby chic.

From the living area, you can walk into the kitchen which is separated but open to the other areas. The builders have used the natural beams of the home to create a beautiful bar. This is the perfect place to enjoy your meal or talk with the cook at a dinner.
The kitchen is a continuation of the cottage style, with its original (but refinished cabinets). The shiplap wood backsplash and stone countertops are beautiful. We also love how spacious this room is thanks to the vaulted ceilings.

This cottage, despite being small, doesn’t seem to be. There is even space for a dining area by the bay windows that can seat up to 5 or 6.
Check out the master suite! This master suite is so open and airy with its white walls, peaked ceilings, and beautiful white walls. This bedroom is a shabby chic retreat with its creams, dark wooden floors, and funky fabrics.

You could only see a glimpse of the master bath from the bedroom. But now you can see all the details. There’s an amazing sink right next to the window. We also love the period features such as the built-ins, and the subway tiles surrounding the bathtub.
The vintage room is the favorite of all three bedrooms. We love the contrast between the teal bedspread and the rusty red wallpaper. This space, even though it is covered in darker woods and darker colors, feels open and bright thanks to the many windows.
The garden at the back of this cottage is stunning. It’s as if there wasn’t enough space for you to relax. You can explore the herb gardens, frolic in the plants or simply sit on the patio and read a book with a glass wine. This beautiful space brings the cottage together.
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