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Step Inside an Edgewood Log Home: Where Art and Elegance Unite

Log homes draw their charm from their rustic aesthetic and promise of peaceful lifestyles, and one stand-out model among these is Edgewood Log Home with its distinct design and impressive features.

Edgewood Log Homes are stunning architectural marvels.

The Edgewood Log Home by eLog Homes stands as a striking testament to both beauty and functionality in large log homes. Not simply an asset; rather an art piece which perfectly marries aesthetics with comfort. Their house kit includes pre-measured pieces ranging from classic log profiles and double notched bevel shapes through contemporary bevels and double notched double bevel shapes that allow homeowners to tailor the appearance and feel of their log home according to individual taste and lifestyle needs.

Interior Design: Merging Beauty with Functionality

The Edgewood house plan offers 2,364 sq. ft of living space on two stories with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths spread out on each level of its main level, featuring an inviting Great Room that serves as the heart of this family-oriented residence. From here opens onto an enchanting sunroom – providing ample room to soak up winter months indoors without ever needing to step outside again!

House features include an expansive patio area for barbecuing or outdoor seating, providing privacy and space. Furthermore, the master bedroom can be found conveniently located on the main level while two additional bedrooms can be found upstairs – making this layout suitable for families with young children.

An elegant spiral staircase adds an exquisite element to the upper levels, drawing attention to every corner of your house with charm and functionality.

Building Log Homes Can be Complicated but it Does not need to be. Here is our step-by-step Guide on what it costs and takes to do this yourself.

Building your log home can be an exhilarating journey, particularly for those who enjoy taking an active role. By undertaking construction yourself, the cost per square meter could come out at $100; hiring professional contractors would likely increase this figure to $150 per square foot.

Researching different building methods before choosing your final one is of vital importance when undertaking any log house building journey. Ensuring you get maximum value from your money while selecting appropriate methods should always come first in a journey like this one.

Considerations in Log Home Construction Time-wise

Building a log home takes weeks of hard labor. Weather can also have an effect on timeline. A log home kit may make the construction process faster; as all necessary pieces come ready-assembled. With large floor plans such as Edgewood plans it might be beneficial to hire help or involve family or friends with helping during this stage of building process.

eLog Homes Offer Log Home Kits At eLog Homes, they specialize in offering log home kits complete with everything required for construction of a durable shell, along with an extended lifetime warranty that brings peace of mind for homeowners. Their over 300 floor plans also give customers the ability to tailor them according to individual preferences.

The Edgewood Log Home offers the ideal blend of rustic appeal and contemporary comfort, whether you are searching for an idyllic retreat or are seeking inspiration to design a log home of your own, this architectural gem provides ample resources.

You can find more information  at: eLoghomes