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Step Inside Pennsylvania’s Most Beautiful Log Home!

There is something uniquely inviting about a log home nestled into Pennsylvania’s rolling hills near Pittsburgh. These homes, created by Hochstetler Log Homes and designed by their artisans for optimal relaxation are testaments of rustic beauty and old-world charm – not too mention their commitment to quality and authenticity when building each of their residences.

Hochstetler Log Homes takes great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into each of their homes, employing generations-long master craftspeople honed over decades to place and secure every log used – something other homes simply do not possess! Their exquisite attention to detail distinguishes these homes as works of art rather than mere homes.

Log Home

Design of Log Homes

A key attraction of log homes lies in their design – from handcrafted logs and stone fireplaces, to soaring ceilings and stone hearths; each detail adds character and aesthetic value. But these homes don’t exist just to look pretty; functional design considerations also need to be kept in mind – spacious floor plans with open living areas provide comfortable living environments while still giving that cozy cabin vibe.

Hochstetler Log Homes have captured that feeling perfectly; one that emanates warmth, comfort and at peace with nature. From the moment you step inside one of their log homes you are instantly relaxed. From here it becomes difficult not to unwind completely before snuggling close beside the fire with some hot cocoa for hours on end!

Hochstetler Log Homes’ hallmark creativity and authenticity shine through in each project they undertake, seamlessly merging rustic charm with contemporary comforts to produce spaces with character that is both inviting and distinctive. Their commitment to quality construction meets corporate standards as they guarantee each home meets the highest standard – an impressive blend that sets Hochstetler apart. Whether searching for vacation or permanent housing options Hochstetler has what you need in terms of creativity, authenticity and corporate professionalism to turn your dream home into reality!

But don’t be misled by rustic charm; Hochstetler Log Homes also designs homes to meet the needs of corporate professionals. From year-round residence to weekend retreats, Hochstetler understands this need while keeping true to a rustic yet homely aesthetic – their writing style perfectly showcases this balance with creativity and corporate professionalism seamlessly combined together.

One of the hallmarks of log homes is their natural beauty; each home blends harmoniously into its environment to provide an atmosphere of serenity and connection with nature that cannot be found elsewhere.

Warmth and Comfort

These homes make use of natural materials like wood and stone, creating an inviting and warm ambiance. Boasting cozy fireplaces and spacious living rooms, log homes have long been known to attract those seeking comfort and charm; many find the cozy fireplace an inviting way to end their days or simply escape into nature for some quiet down time. Log homes provide just this kind of sanctuary! It provides the ideal place for unwinding after work hours or simply as the ideal spot for hosting social gatherings with loved ones or hosting corporate retreats!

Hochstetler Log Homes’ creative touch shines through in each design they craft. By employing traditional techniques with modern innovations to craft homes that complement the environment. From handcrafted logs to customized details crafted by expert craftsman – every element is carefully considered before being executed with perfection for an irresistibly appealing home that exudes character and creativity.

Planning Your Lifestyle Home Design.

Owners of these beautiful log homes had a clear goal in mind for their space: creating something not only visually stunning but also catering to lifestyle requirements. Hochstetler’s McKay plan provided them with just such an ideal design solution to achieve this vision.

The McKay plan stands out due to its large open spaces; however, its owners decided to customize its design slightly in order to add personal touches and make it their own. They added an expansive master suite complete with ensuite bath and laundry nearby – as well as adding an informal breezeway linking both units – making for easy transitioning between main house and garage.

Rustic Charm

Log houses constructed from eastern white pine measure 6 inches by 12 inches, featuring beveled square profiles. To further emphasize their rustic appearance, this particular log home was stained Gentry Grey, with Medium Grey Chinking to complete its rustic aesthetic.

Log homes stand out among their surroundings for their uncanny blend. Their rustic charm adds extra character and makes each residence an idyllic haven, providing respite from urban lifestyle.

Protecting Your Log Home

Log homes are undeniably stunning; however, their beauty requires special maintenance in order to look their best and resist environmental elements. Here are a few suggestions on how you can safeguard it:

Take Control of Rain and Snow

Rain can be detrimental to a log home’s structure. To safeguard against its damaging effects, ensure all water drains away properly – install gutters with deep overhangs and design decks/walkways specifically to drain away. Regular cleaning, staining and sealing helps provide additional protection from snowfall or rainwater infiltration.

UV Ray Protection

Sun UV rays can damage and decay log homes over time, so porches or overhangs should be placed strategically around both north and west sides of your log house to limit sun exposure and preserve its logs.

Shield from Wind Caulking, logs and chinking may crack faster when exposed to wind; planting trees at southwest and southeast corners to mitigate wind damage could help lessen it further. Furthermore, ensure your log house is placed in an area not subject to high winds.

Pennsylvania log homes are an amazing example of rustic elegance combined with modern comforts to form stunning living environments. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or relaxing lifestyle enthusiasts who value traditional charm paired with conveniences from modern life, each aspect of these houses demonstrates how special rustic life truly is. From design process to maintenance – every aspect speaks volumes about rustic life!

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