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Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine Log Cabin Kit Under $12,000

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This four-corner rectangular lodge pole pine log cabin kit was sold on eBay at just $12,000. This is just one example of tiny house buildings that you can find on eBay. You can browse the site to find other tiny houses that you like. You could use this tiny 432 square foot cabin for anything from full-time living to a guesthouse, backyard office, artists studio, writer retreat or full-time living. This tiny cabin could also be used as a summer home for some rest and relaxation. You might also like to use this tiny cabin for hunting or fishing. It is great for spending time with friends and enjoying the outdoors.

The tiny cabin kit includes log walls, log railings, deck, railing of the log loft and deck posts. It also includes floor joists, subfloor, loft floor, floor joists, floor joists and floor joists. The tiny cabin kit includes bat insulation, windows as well as plywood roof sheeting and tin roofing. It also includes a front deck and other essentials. Bachman Log Homes is the manufacturer of this tiny cabin. The packaging for this tiny cabin kit should be identical to what you would find in a retail store. This tiny cabin kit is a high quality log cabin kit that you’ll love. The wood is a lovely colour and the tiny cabin design is very appealing.

Why log cabin kits are so popular? Log cabin kits are much more beneficial than building a log home on a site. The builder will spend a lot more time and effort to create a custom log home, which will result in high costs for you. The tiny cabin building kit includes pre-shaped logs, which fit perfectly together. They are marked and numbered according a log home floor plan. It’s almost like a big jigsaw puzzle. It is quite easy once everything is put together. All the pieces you need to build your tiny cabin will be shipped together when you order your kit. This could include tiny cabin flooring, doors, windows, and built-in components like kitchen cabinets.

The simplicity of a cabin-building kit is appealing. It is very simple to construct and takes much less time than if your tiny cabin was built from scratch. You can cut down on the amount of work that was required to build your tiny cabin from scratch. Time is the most valuable thing in life. Many people will choose to spend less on work and more time in their tiny home. In brand new condition, the Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine log house kit sells for around 12,000 USD. It has a nice deck on the front, plenty natural light coming through the glass and more than enough space for living. It measures 18 by 24 feet and has a nice 8-foot loft. This log cabin is perfect for a couple, single or small family.



More information can be found here: Ebay