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Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine Log Cabin Kit Under $12,000

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This four-corner rectangle lodge pole pine log cabin kit sold on eBay for just under $12,000. This is just one of the tiny house buildings you will find on eBay. You can search through the site and find other tiny homes that you might like. You could use this small 432 square foot tiny cabin for a wide variety of things from full-time living, to a guest house, backyard office, artists studio or writers retreat. You might also consider using this tiny cabin as a summer vacation home for a little bit of rest. Some people might like to use a tiny cabin like this for a hunting or a tiny fishing cabin, great for getting away with some friends and enjoying some time in nature.

The tiny cabin kit includes the log walls, log railing, deck, the railing of the log loft, deck posts, floor joists, subfloor and loft floor. The tiny cabin kit also includes things like bat insulation, windows, stee door, plywood roof sheeting, tin shingles, front deck and more. This tiny cabin is designed and manufactured by Bachman Log Homes. The packaging for the tiny cabin kit should be the same as what is found in a retail store. You will want to take a look at the photos of this tiny cabin kit; it’s a nice quality log cabin kit that you will love. The wood is a nice colour, and the tiny cabin design is quite appealing.

Why are so many people into log cabin kits? Well, small log cabin kits are highly beneficial in certain ways compared to building a log home from scratch on a log building site. A custom built log home requires a lot of time and effort for the builder which translates to high costs for you. The tiny cabin building kit has factory pre-shaped logs which will fit perfectly together and are marked and numbered according to the log home floor plan that they need to be placed, sort of like a large scale jigsaw puzzle. It is rather simple when it all comes together. When you choose and purchase your tiny cabin kit, all the pieces that you need will most often be shipped in one order (be sure to verify this with your seller). This can often include the tiny cabin flooring, doors, windows and built-in parts like kitchen cabinets.

The simplicity of a cabin building kit is very appealing. It is easy construction on your end of things and the time involved from start to finish is substantially less than if you were to have your tiny cabin built from scratch. What may have been months of busy construction can be pared down to just weeks, or a day or two. The most valuable thing that exists in this life is time, and many people will choose to spend less time on work and more time living in their new tiny home. The Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine log cabin kit runs for around 12,000 dollars in brand new condition. It has a sweet deck on the front, plenty of natural light coming through the windows and more than enough space to be liveable. The log cabin is 18 feet by 24 feet with a nice eight-foot loft making it perfect for a single, couple or small family.



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