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Take A Look Inside This Nice Log Cabin In Rocky Mount

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This charming log cabin building is full with charm and features a classic log house design. The log cabin building measures 2,521 square feet. The property is located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. It was recently sold. The rustic wood cabin was built in 1977. It has been renovated recently. All you need to do is add furniture and your own interior design touches. You might find inspiration to build your own cabin. The rustic log cabin is as beautiful today as it was 40 years ago.

This log cabin design is a great option because it was built many years ago and has that rustic feel that people love. Reclaimed barn wood is a growing trend that log house builders are using in their new construction projects. Private log house contractors have started renovating cabin buildings as well as public spaces using wood reclaimed form houses, factories, and commercial buildings across America. Reclaimed wood can give your log house the unique character you desire, whether you are building a new building or renovating an old one.

Reclaimed timber is a popular choice for rustic cabin building designs as well as modern home designs. You can use barn wood accent walls in your wood cabin, or reclaimed timber for the beams. Reclaimed timber is available in many shapes and sizes. An authentic piece of reclaimed wood is rare. It has a unique story and a unique look. There are some tips that you can use, regardless of where the reclaimed wood came from. Reclaimed barn wood can have been exposed to the elements for as long as 100 years.

Some reclaimed timber might be covered with dirt and insects. You will need to clean the wood. You will need to start by brushing the wood with a stiff nylon bristle. Next, give it a quick rub down. This will get rid of any dirt or bugs. Then, spray the area with an airhose to remove any remaining dirt particles. Some people prefer to clean reclaimed timber using a high-pressure water jetter, but this can cause damage to the wood.

Next, you’ll need to inspect the reclaimed wood for any remaining metal. The timber boards were part of a barn and would have been attached to the structure by nails. Some of these nails may still be there. The same applies to pallet wood. You will need to inspect each piece of reclaimed timber carefully and catch any problems before they dull your saw blade.


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