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A Peek into Perfection: Touring a Handcrafted Log Home in Colorado

When it comes to constructing a dream home many individuals have a vision, in their minds. For one family from Florida that vision was a crafted log home nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Colorado. This captivating story of finesse and personal aspirations showcases the impact of design and the timeless allure of log homes.

Embarking on the Journey Log Home

The adventure commenced with their ski trips to Colorado, where this family fell head over heels for the states breathtaking beauty. These vacations ignited a longing to permanently relocate to Colorado. They tirelessly scoured the state until they stumbled upon a 40 acre plot in Pitkin County. Although their actual move was still years away they returned to Florida. Began meticulously planning their dream log home.

Log Home

Drawing Inspiration

Their inspiration for this log abode came from a magazine cover showcasing a house constructed by Montana Log Homes. Mesmerized by the charm exuded by lodgepole pine logs and rustic aesthetics this family resolved to travel all the way, to Kalispell, Montana in order to fashion their log haven.

Crafting the Dream

They discovered an existing floor plan that suited their requirements and made adjustments to comply with Pitkin Countys building codes. By merging the living room, dining area and kitchen into one space they succeeded in creating an inviting atmosphere that fostered warmth and communal gathering.
The kitchen island was beautifully decorated with the stones that were used to create the fireplace creating a cohesive design element.

One interesting feature of this log home is its room. Originally designed with ceilings and a fireplace it had to be modified due, to local regulations on house size. The solution? Converting the porch adjacent to the kitchen into a sunroom, which doesn’t count towards the square footage.

Living the Dream

The second floor of the log house offers access to the room through an attached two car garage and two sets of French doors all sheltered by an outdoor deck. This level was specifically designed with teenagers in mind providing an area two bedrooms, a kitchenette and two full bathrooms.

The third floor boasts two bedrooms at ends of a long hallway along, with a TV room and another bathroom. This log home has truly been customized to cater to every family members needs.

Building the Dream

For this project the family selected Gabe Butler as their contractor. Gabe is the owner of Montana Log Homes of Colorado and his team includes those who built the log home featured on a magazine cover.
This magnificent custom built log cabin, in Colorado is not a dwelling; it represents the realization of a familys aspirations. Every aspect, from the handcrafted ski peeled lodgepole pine logs to the adorned stone kitchen island showcases their unique vision and unwavering determination. Despite facing hurdles and making modifications along the way the family stayed true, to their dream proving that with ingenuity, genuineness and a hint of business approach any goal can be achieved.

Soruce: MontanaLogHomes