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Take A Look Inside This Unique & Luxurious Mountain Chalet

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The Alpine Lodge is a luxurious steel frame mountain chalet in Glacier, Washington. It is one-of-a kind. The lodge features soaring ceilings, angled lines and a welcoming living room. This home is not only architecturally stunning but also cozy and comfortable. The home offers two bedrooms and two baths, so that two couples or families can relax in this mountain setting. The large kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to make a delicious meal. A breakfast bar is available in the kitchen with 4 barstools. There’s plenty of room for everyone to share a meal at the counter height dining table. A hot tub, barbecue and patio furniture are all available outside, which makes it easier to prepare meals and relax. The cabin is set away from everything, surrounded with scenic drives and rain forests.

The cabin is located near Mount Baker in Washington. It was originally a logging community. Glacier is home to approximately 210 people, making it a great place to enjoy nature without any distractions. These are just a few places you might visit during your vacation.

Mount Baker Ski Area. Mount Baker Ski Area is located in Washington’s Whatcom County. It has the highest snowfall in a single season (29.0m in 1998-1999). The backcountry is easily accessible by various chairlifts, and it is filled with challenging in-bounds trails. The resort boasts a natural half-pipe that attracts competitors from all walks of the globe, amateur and professional alike, to the Legendary Banked Slalom.

Heliotrope Ridge. This ridge does not have any heliotrope flowers, contrary to its name. Early explorers mistakenly called the local Valerian the vanilla-scented Heliotrope. This well-traveled trail runs through the North Cascades, Mount Baker Area and offers stunning views of Mount Baker. The trail hike is great for friends, family, and solo backpackers. It features creek crossings and stunning glacier views. Hikers with children or dogs should be cautious crossing the water.

Table Mountain. This craggy trail is steep and treacherous, and is not recommended for pets or children. The mountain is easily accessible year round due to its proximity to Mount Baker Resort. The mountain’s flat top affords spectacular views of Mount Baker, Shuksan, as well as many interesting rock formations. Beautiful sites like the Heather Meadows and its beautiful lakes are worth a visit. Backpackers are advised to wear proper footwear and return the way they came.

Lake Ann Trail. The Lake Ann trail is located in the North Cascades area of the Mount Baker Area and offers stunning views of Mount Baker, Shuksan and other nearby mountains. This 8.2-mile hike begins in lush forest and is punctuated by meadows and wildflowers, streams, creeks, and other natural features.





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