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Take a tour of a blue cottage with a fantastic kitchen and all the right details

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This blue cottage is a “laneway home” in Vancouver, Canada. The owners built this house on their land to rent out as extra income. This trend is very popular in Vancouver due to the high housing costs. Smallworks, a design-build firm that specializes in tiny homes, is the builder.

The layout is 950 square foot (88 square meters), but manages to include a two-bedroom home, two bathrooms and an office. The decor is elegant and understated, with white walls and neutral furnishings. But the playful personality is evident in unexpected architectural features and a few fun accents. Are you ready to see it? View the photos below!

The dining and living spaces are combined to create a spacious and open feel. The dining set is made up of a warm wooden table and stylish chairs.

The living room has a built-in electric fireplace and a bookshelf. Two round windows provide architectural interest and charm. Two modern armchairs and a contemporary sofa provide ample seating.

The all-white bath is sleek and functional, with a large vanity mirror and medicine cabinet.

Cabinets and hardware should match kitchen cabinets to create a consistent look throughout the entire house.
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