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Explore Nature with This Affordable $16,348 DIY Log Cabin Kit: Take A Virtual Tour Inside!

An oasis in nature has long been sought as an escape from urban stressors; today we explore one such sanctuary – Cumberland Log Cabin from Amish Cabin Company at $16,3501. A kit version starts from just this amount!

 Log Cabin

Cumberland Log Cabin’s Appeal

Cumberland Log Cabin is more than just an architectural feat – it’s an integral component of life that connects you with nature. Its elegant yet simplistic design offers cozy ambience for relaxation. Here, nature provides respite as an escape and respite, making Cumberland Log Cabin your personal haven away from home1.

Sustainable Living

One of the key features of Cumberland Log Cabin is its commitment to sustainability; all logs used for its construction come from certified tree farms sourced sustainably – this eco-conscious approach ensures your retreat doesn’t come at the cost of Mother Earth1.

DIY Construction of Your Dream Cabin

Cumberland Log Cabin kits provide those who enjoy building with their hands a fulfilling DIY project1. Everything needed for assembly comes included and provide comprehensive instructions from Cumberland Log Cabin to guide through it all1.

Tools Needed In order to assemble the cabin, some basic tools including a circular saw, level, utility knife, tape measurer and step ladder will be required along with detailed instructions from your supplier company. Even novice builders should feel confident undertaking this project1.

Before embarking on this journey, it’s essential to gain all of the relevant costs and logistics. For that purpose, the Amish Cabin Company provides extensive details regarding shipping fees as well as whether assembly assistance will be included1. They can be reached on their website.

The Cumberland Log Cabin presents an exceptional opportunity for minimalist living in an inviting, peaceful environment. Perfect as both duplex living accommodations or solo retreat spaces, its design caters to multiple requirements – it could even become your forever home1!

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