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The Creekside Log Cabin Package Gives You Everything You Need To Build A Cozy Log Cabin

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Log cabins are surrounded by wood and create a feeling of being one with nature. Log cabins are works of art and some homes last for many years. This adorable Creekside log cabin by Coventry Log Homes comes with everything you need in a recreational cabin. Jeff Elliott, Coventry Log Homes’ owner, ensures that all their cabins are built by the best craftspeople. Jeff Elliott also owns a log home and enjoys creating the perfect log home for his customers. It is great to know that the company that builds your log home has its own craftspeople who live in it. It gives you a sense a security knowing that they are there, and also gives you pride in their work. They only use the best materials at the most affordable prices to make your log home dreams a reality on time and budget.

One of the many log home designs that Creekside offers is the Creekside log log cabin. This is a beautiful cabin for recreational use. The kitchen has enough space to cook, and there is also a dining area where you can share meals with your family. There are two bedrooms that can accommodate a queen, twin, or set of bunk bed. The cabin also has a cathedral ceiling and a loft for additional head space. This log cabin measures 14 feet by 26 feet and is 537 squares. It can be purchased as a complete unit for $37,000. It is not clear if this cabin would be permitted to be used as a full-time residence because it is part of the Recreational Series log cabins by Coventry Log Homes. It could be modified to meet all building codes and be used as a residence, but that would cost a little more. You can also purchase all the logs needed to build this log house for around $22,000 if you have building experience or are interested in learning how to do it.

Coventry Log Homes’ commitment to being green and using ecofriendly practices is another great feature. Coventry Log Homes’ log house packages comply with all current energy codes. Additionally, all standard packages can be modified to meet Energy Star requirements. They support responsible eco-friendly efforts in order to preserve renewable resources. Log cabins are made of all-natural materials that don’t contain harmful toxins. The company also uses kilns to dry their logs, which are powered by renewable energy. The company pre-cuts the logs and numbers them to reduce waste on the job site. They also make shavings for local farmers and heat their buildings with log ends. Residents can even get wood for their homes. Coventry Log Homes is a great choice if you are looking for a log cabin that is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. You can see the beautiful floor plans on their website to get a feel for how they are designed. You’ll be one step closer in your quest to build the log home or cabin you desire.

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