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The Deer Field Log Cabin Shell Package

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It’s important to look around and see what’s out there to find the perfect log home design. Coventry Log Homes is a log builder located in New Hampshire that offers over 60 log home models. All of these can be customized according to your preferences and needs. It’s great that their designs are flexible, since everyone has unique needs and styles. The changes can be as simple and as complex as adding a bedroom or bathroom, changing the orientation or the deck, or even the kitchen. You can also add extras like windows or doors, depending on the look and functionality of your house. Deerfield is a great design that they have on their website. It’s part of their Craftsman series. They also have a line that is more budget-friendly called Tradesman logs, as well as cabins and timber frame homes for those who don’t want their entire home to be made of logs. They also offer different log profiles and log corner profiles. You can choose between full round logs and half logs, depending on your preferences.

The Deerfield’s floor plan includes a 32-by-48-foot space, which is 1,376 total square feet. It is one of the smaller models but it’s a great size. There are also 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in the house, as well as an open concept living room with cathedral ceilings. Even though the footprint of the home may be small, the high ceilings draw your eye upwards making you feel that the space is larger. The large wall of glass also helps to open up the space and allows natural light and heat into the home, which can offset heating and electric costs. Customers can build their home using the Logs Only Package which costs approximately $66,250. For the Shell, the cost is around $100,200. For the 6×8 Package, the price is $111,800. And for the 8×8 Package, the price starts at $120,750. Other features can be added at an additional cost.

Coventry Log Homes offers Cedarwood for the log home. Cedarwood is highly valued for its durability and wonderful properties. Cedar is also beautiful, with a natural colour that is hard to imitate. The natural oils in the wood keep away mold and insects which can damage the home. This helps to keep these log houses stable for years. You can see there are many variations to this design, and that any design could be finished however the customer wants. Once the entire log home has been finished, the customer is usually responsible for adding finishing touches, such as cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. Customers are also responsible for laying the foundation to prepare for the assembly of their home once it is delivered by the company. Some people prefer to build their own log homes packages, while others will hire contractors to complete the work. Enjoy this variation of the Deerfield Log Home Design and get inspired to build your own log home.

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