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Discover the Hunter Log Cabin for just $16,158

There’s an allure of log cabin living that has drawn people for centuries, offering a respite from modern life’s hectic pace and offering rustic charm combined with modern convenience – an example being Hunter Log Cabin which provides affordable log cabin living options.

At $16,158, The Hunter Log Cabin represents excellent value.

The Hunter Log Cabin exemplifies affordable yet spacious living. Located on one level and featuring an open concept layout with enough room to accommodate bunk beds and an efficient kitchen featuring an inviting island, as well as a generous living room area. Unfortunately it does not come equipped with bathroom amenities; however this could easily be included into its floorplan plan if desired.

 Log Cabin

Variety in Sizes: Something for Every Need

The Hunter Log Cabin ranges in sizes, starting with the compact 10 feet by 12 feet for $5,885 up to the larger 12 feet by 16 foot cabin kit with large front deck and smaller back deck for outdoor relaxation, entertainment and expanding interior space. Every cabin kit also includes large front and smaller back decks – ideal for relaxation and entertainment on both front and back porches alike!

Natural Lighting: Exploit the Outdoors

Even without many windows, the Hunter Log Cabin provides ample natural lighting, creating an intimate yet welcoming interior ambience. Imagine waking up each morning surrounded by nature – listening to its soothing sounds as the forest winds pass overhead or admiring its serenity at nearby lakes!

Connecting With Nature: Benefits of Log Cabin Living

Log cabin living provides an intimate connection with nature that standard homes don’t. Constructed of natural and renewable materials, log cabins provide a healthier alternative than their counterparts; their log walls act as natural air purifiers by filtering out toxins before entering the cabin and purifying its environment.

Durability: Built to Last Log cabins such as the Hunter Log Cabin are durable structures designed to last. Not only can you enjoy them for many years to come but you may even pass down an investment to future generations as part of their legacy. When investing in one like the Hunter Log Cabin you aren’t just investing in housing but in making something meaningful part of your legacy!

Builder: Wayside Lawn Structures

Wayside Lawn Structures, manufacturer of the Hunter Log Cabin, has been serving Columbiana residents with quality outdoor structures since 2002. As one of Columbiana’s major suppliers for outdoor swing sets, portable gazebos, storage buildings and more they’ve earned a stellar reputation thanks to their superior designs and affordable log cabin kits.

Log Cabin Investment Overview

There are numerous advantages to investing in an affordable log cabin such as the Hunter Log Cabin. From permanent residency or recreational retreat purposes, log cabins offer you a serene haven from city noise with nature close at hand.

Source: Wayside Lawn Structures