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Discovering the Ledgewood Log Home: Providing Comfort & Space With an Enclosed Porch

In the world of log homes, Ledgewood Log Home stands out with its distinctive design and impressive features. This elegant residence combines rustic architecture with modern amenities for an ideal retreat close to nature.

Attractive Appeal of Ledgewood Log Home

The Ledgewood Log Home’s striking appearance cannot be ignored. Boasting gabled and shed-dormers in each bedroom as well as an eye-catching gabled roof dormer featuring step windows, it offers an appealing visual aesthetic while flooding interior spaces with natural light.

Log Home

One of the hallmarks of this home is its expansive wrap-around porch. Offering ample outdoor living space and offering visitors an inviting place for relaxation and socialization while taking in breathtaking surroundings, the porch serves as a welcoming gathering point and offers ample seating areas.

Interior: Combining Comfort with Space in Unified Fashion

The 1,728 square-foot Ledgewood Log Home provides an accommodating living environment. Featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as an upstairs loft space and open concept downstairs area featuring cathedral ceiling, this log home provides plenty of living space and comfort.

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On the main floor, you’ll find a master bedroom, living/dining/kitchen area and bathroom. On the upper level are two additional bedrooms and another bathroom as well as a loft that overlooks below. An open concept living area enhanced with cathedral ceiling height creates the feeling of spaciousness for hosting gatherings or relaxing alone in this comfortable residence.

Cost Consideration

Ledgewood Log Homes range in cost from $58,650 to $122,000 in total cost; therefore when planning their construction it’s essential that a realistic budget be established based on one’s financial abilities.

Dreaming of owning a luxurious log house complete with grand rooms, large stone fireplaces, cathedral ceilings and other luxurious features is both thrilling and fulfilling, but you must remain realistic about your budget constraints when making these decisions. Your financial reality should dictate which options can fit within it; making compromises may mean having to reduce package size or cut some amenities out altogether.

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Log Home Construction with DIY Approach

Homeowners interested in log house packages often enjoy taking an active part in its construction, from staining logs and installing floor tiles themselves, to building decks and patios themselves – providing cost savings while adding their personal stamp to their new home. This DIY approach not only adds cost-savings, but it can add character as well.

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Explore Options with Coventry Log Homes

Coventry Log Homes offer many excellent log homes to fit into various tastes, budgets and lifestyles – the Ledgewood log Home being among them.

Coventry Log Homes offers five series of log homes: Craftsman Series, Tradesman Series, Cabin Series Recreational Series Timber Frame Series. Their selection offers something suitable for every budget or lifestyle situation.

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Designing a log house involves more than selecting an architectural plan; it involves thoughtful consideration for factors like bathrooms, bedrooms and floors as well as your needs and wants list. Making these decisions will only get harder as time progresses!

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The Ledgewood Log Home offers the ideal blend of rustic charm and contemporary convenience, perfect for both relaxing retreats or providing inspiration for building one yourself. Take note, because this home should definitely be given consideration!

You can find more information at: Coventry Log Homes, Inc.