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The Lofted Log Home Model Features An Attached Garage

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This lofted log cabin building is a total of 1,969 square feet with two floors. There are two bedrooms in the wood cabin, one on the main floor of the design and one on the second floor. The master bedroom is on the second floor and has a private bathroom that akes up the whole second level. This provides a nice, private space. The main floor in this log home floor plan features a great open concept space with a living room, dining room and kitchen space that all flow nicely together. The best feature in the cabin building is the fireplace with the large windows surrounding it. Thes large windows provide not only beautiful, natural light, but also let in the stunning outside landscapes that surround the log house design. Prices for the lofted log cabin building vary depending on the log house package kit you purchase.

The logs used in the cabin building are kiln dried which eliminates future wall settling and kills any insects, bugs, larvae, fungi and spores. The logs in the cabin building become sanitized during the kiln drying process. Stain can be applied onto the kiln-dried logs immediately, you don’t need to wait a couple of years for the logs to dry before they are stained. Also, the stain adheres best to dry wood, which means they will hold up better.

This lovely log home model is one of the best log house packages that can be purchased from Golden Eagle Log Homes. The company makes log home ownership easy with their wide variety of beautiful log home floor plans available and easy ordering system. Never has log home building been as easy as it is today. If you think back to how people used to go about log home building throughout history, you will see that it was always a strenuous job. Now, building methods have improved in efficiency thanks to the machinery and equipment that is available today. So even though building a log home is still quite a feat, it’s easier than ever before.

Golden Eagle Log Homes offer their customers a few different options when it comes to the log house packages that are available for purchase. Customers can buy the Shell log house package which includes just the exterior of the log home, or they can choose to buy the complete log cabin building Package which is the most popular log house option that comes with everything to build the home start to finish. Things like kitchen cabinets may need to be purchased separately, but the windows, doors and the pre-marked and notched logs that will be included in the log house package. You’ll want to take a look at the wide variety of log house design that is available from Golden Eagle Log Homes. Building a cabin building is a wonderful investment that will fill your life with joy for years to come. Log house designs are a timeless classic that will never go out of style and a great place to make treasured memories with family and friends.

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