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Do you recall camping as a child? If you were lucky, you might have a camp trailer. Lol. Lol. Although we didn’t have a trailer, it didn’t stop my desire to own one. I loved how the furniture flipped up and the sides flipped down… there was so much space in such a tiny trailer.

So much better than motorhomes because you really were ‘camping.’ You could see the Stars You could do this by using the mosquito nets. It was/is camping.

The Markies camper is a game-changer and the perfect home away form home! Amazing! This trailer design was created in 1985, according to some sources. Hence, why don’t all people have one? Because Edward Bohtlingk (the inventor) is Dutch. Let’s get the word around. Perhaps we can get them here. It comes with four beds with privacy screens, four collapsible umbrellas, a kitchenette and a bathroom/toilet.

It was a wonderful camping experience! You might need to get two campsites to fit it, but it would be well worth it! I’m in love! Are you looking for camping tips? Here are some tips to help you camp. Trail Sherpa To make your experience more enjoyable.

Go here to see the complete floor plan and more photos… Transformable Design: “De Markies” The Awning Camp Trailer