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The Mother in Law DIY Kit Package Log Cabin Cottage Starts at $28,600

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If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider the Mother in Law cabin kit. The Mother in law Cottage Basic Model is 14 feet by 28 feet of wood cabin that would be ideal for camping or as a suite to house a parent or in-law. The 14 foot by 28 foot basic model of the premium log home has one bedroom, one bath, a large living room, and a kitchen. Green Garden Chicken’s packages include all windows, doors and insulation for exterior walls and roof. These small log homes were built by Amish cabin builders, who pre-build them and then deliver them to you. If you want to build your own log cabin, you can bring all the supplies to the site and build it on-site.

The first option is to have the cabin pre-built. It’s a good choice because it can be done inside in a controlled setting, so the weather will not impact the building process. Many times, outdoor construction projects are halted by bad weather. The building process can be halted by a variety of factors, including rain or snow or simply being too cold. It is better to have the small log home built in an industrial setting so that the cabin builder can work on it every day.

Log houses such as this one would be perfect for a vacation home by the lake, or perhaps tucked away in the forest. This particular wood house would be perfect for a family of four to enjoy summer and winter vacations. The builders used Structurally Insulated Panels to insulate the wood cabin, ensuring that it will remain warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer. You don’t want to waste energy running a heater or fan constantly. A well-insulated log home can solve many common heat loss issues and cooling problems. Mold and mildew are another problem that can occur when a wood house or log cabin isn’t properly sealed. The exterior logs of the wood cabin are made from pine siding, while the interior walls consist of SIPs. SIPs are not visible in the log houses or wood cabins.

For this Mother In Law Wood Cabin style, you can choose from ten different wood house prices depending on how big of a log house you would like. Prices vary depending on if you choose the basic or premium model. You should spend some time looking at where the sun shines on your property to determine which areas of the cabin you would like to be brightest. It’s good to have your bedrooms facing East so that you can enjoy the morning sun, and the kitchen and living room usually face West to enjoy the sunset. Place your windows to maximize your view. Choose the cabins from the company that you prefer and would choose for you and your loved ones.

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