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The PERFECT CUTE Guest Retreat Cabin for just $11,990

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This small solar system would be enough to run a small fridge, a fresh water tank pump and your LED lights. You might also consider a small continuous flow gas hot water system for your hot water needs and gas for cooking. You could also think about a tin roof for water collection and installing a composting toilet. The best part about using a cabin building kit and going solar is that you can set your cabin building up in remote locations almost anywhere you dream.

One of the benefits of off-grid wood cabins includes reduced energy costs. When you live in a cabin building off the grid, your electricity bills will go away or become very small. When you have a cabin building off grid you have freedom from the grid dependency: You will no longer have to be dependent on the utility grid. There is a certain peace of mind from not having to rely on the energy grid. An off-grid cabin building might cost you more money up front but will save you money over time. You also don’t have to worry that your cabin building will be without power on stormy and windy days.

There is nothing worse than being without power for a day or two when the power grid goes down, being off grid you don’t have to worry about that. And with an off-grid cabin building, you have plenty of wood cabin design options. You are not limited to the design options you have with your wood cabin; you can go big or small it is up to you, your budget, lifestyle and needs. Typically off grid cabin buildings are usually smaller, but this is not always the case. Off-grid living is not just something for people in yurts and earth shelter homes, you can have the cabin building of your dreams.

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