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The Roomy Interior Of This Log Chalet Is Definitely Something You’re Going To Love

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This authentic log cabin rental in Ruka Finland will please. Rukan Salonki, just 4 kilometers away from Ruka Ski Resort, offers free WiFi and delicious local cuisine. All log cabin chalets include fully equipped kitchens as well as private saunas. The chalets also include a living space with a fireplace, as well as DVD/CD players. Many chalets have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some have a washing line. Within walking distance of the log cottages, Kultala, the on-site restaurant, serves Lappish specialties like salmon and reindeer. You can rent a nearby hot tub and private sauna. Parking spaces are available for free near the chalets. Rukan Salonki’s staff can help guests book activities such as snowmobile safaris or dog sledding trips. Other activities include sledding, disc golf, and more. A ski hill is located 2km away.

Ruka, Finland is well-known for its natural beauty. It is a place of forests and fells in unspoiled wilderness, surrounded with rivers, lakes and rapids. It is one the most visited tourist destinations in Finland, attracting almost a million people each year. Ruka Ski Resort attracts many tourists in winter to enjoy the excellent skiing at nearby resorts. Ruka Ski Resort has a reputation for being one of the most well-known in Finland. Ruka hosts many international competitions for cross-country skiing and ski-jumping.

This area is loved by more than just skiers. It is located at 250m above sea-level on a plateau. The waters flow from this point in five directions, connecting it with the Barents Sea or the Gulf of Bothnia. Kuusamo has thousands of lakes, rivers and rapids. Canyons, ancient forests and other natural wonders are all around. These areas are surrounded in some of Finland’s finest waterfalls. These beautiful forests are home to some of Finland’s most endangered animals and plants. Because of its proximity to Russia, fauna can be found in many habitats including arctic and Siberian species. Oulanka is a spectacular national park that spans 270 km and stretches to Russia’s border. It is one of the most important areas in the Kuusamo Region.

Ruka offers a stark contrast in the seasons. The winter is long, cold and very snowy. The region becomes sun-drenched as the summer approaches. The average temperature rises up to 20 degrees Celsius. This causes a burst of greenery and growth in the midsummer sun which never dips below the horizon. Midsummer Night celebrations are enjoyed by both locals and tourists. They last well into the morning. The landscape changes as the nights get darker, even though they are still bright until August. Nature is stunning and delightful with its myriad hues yellows oranges reds as the darkness falls.





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