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The Tiny Mansion Is Surprisingly Roomy With a Sumptuous Interior

  • 4 min read

You’ve always wanted to live in a tiny house but don’t want any of the luxuries that come with it. What if that was possible? Park Model Homes’ Tiny Mansion is a beautiful tiny house that was featured on Tiny House Hunters. It is spacious and offers all the comfort you could need. Let’s take a look at it.

The exterior of this home is simple and contemporary with neutral colors and white-brown trim.

Large windows allow for lots of light.

They actually appear larger from the inside of the windows than they do from outside. You can actually feel the space expand when you enter.

The large bay windows add a unique touch to the home. The bay windows extend the living area and draw attention to outside views.

You can also see the large island in the kitchen in this shot. How many tiny houses do you know of that have such a feature?

To give the home an even greater sense of space, mirrors are used.

The bathroom includes a full-size tub—also a rarity in tiny house construction. Although most tiny houses only allow for one shower stall, this bathroom allows you to truly indulge in your spa-like experience.

The luxury is enhanced by a removable shower head.
The loft, just like the living space, is extremely airy and offers more space than what seems possible in such small spaces.

This photo shows how the main living space is laid out. It also shows the staircase leading to the loft. You will never feel cramped with the house’s high ceilings and wide width.

You’ll want to take a closer look at your kitchen! As you can see there is plenty of counter space in the back, even if there wasn’t an island. A large sink makes it easy to prepare the dishes and there are lots of cabinets for cuttinglery.

You can find a stove and an oven in the kitchen. There is also a fridge/freezer.

A ceiling fan circulates air and helps to keep your home cool in the summer heat.

I love the openness!

Here are some more interior shots.

This tiny house is beautiful inside and out! I would love to move in right now!

All Park Model Homes can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of their buyers. Get a better view of the Tiny Mansion. Take a video tour of the Tiny Mansion below:

You can also viewPark Model Homes tCheck out the complete catalog of small houses offered by this company. Joey Nelson may be reached at 888.222.2699.