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There’s no need for stairs in this tiny abode and its gorgeous bedroom steals the show

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Inspired by their travels to East AfricaJeremy Weaver and Lindsay Weaver wanted to reflect the values learned abroad in their home: “living with more to experience less.” They were ready to commit themselves to tiny living, and Jeremy and a close friend founded Wind River Tiny Homes When designing their own house, the couple faced some unique design challenges. Tiny House Nation on FYI, Jeremy is well over 6-feet tall, and Lindsay is an avid baker — meaning she needs as much kitchen space as possible.
The Weavers also wanted to incorporate as many souvenirs from their travels as possible into the decor. Tiny House Nation helped them achieve this. Lindsay writes on Amani Ya Juu News: “When asked about our experience living in a small house, we respond with a hardy smile that we love it.”

The 275-square-foot trailer has 13-foot ceilings to accommodate Jeremy’s height (“He may be tall but not that tall, mercy,” Lindsay writes) and a spacious, open floor plan.
Lindsay’s fully-equipped, gorgeous kitchen offers her plenty of room to bake.

This sink and the way that it connects to the countertop is stunning, don’t think so?