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Order Your 1108 Sq Ft House Online Now & Have it Shipped Direct to Your Residence!

Digital technology has revolutionized almost everything imaginable – including houses. You read that correctly; now it is possible to purchase and have shipped directly to you an 1108 sq ft home online from anywhere around the globe – this revolutionary concept has altered traditional notions about buying and building homes.

Allwood Eagle Point: the Future of Housing Solutions

Allwood Eagle Point’s 1108 sq ft cabin kit house stands out as one of the stars of this revolution, thanks to its creative design which blends perfectly into urban settings where traditional cabins may appear out-of-place.

Eagle Point boasts 1108 square feet of interior living space over two levels: 712 on the lower level and an extra 396 in the upper one. Furthermore, there’s also an airy high-ceiling floor area covering 235 sq ft for added airiness inside this house.

Unrivalled Quality and Design.

This home features walls constructed out of long-lived Nordic spruce with durable, dense graining for long-term performance and excellent insulation properties; each layer measures 2-3/4″ thick for great insulation properties in colder climates where additional wall insulation packages may be recommended by the company.

The kit provides all necessary components, such as pre-hung and glazed doors and windows, pre-assembled gables, all nails, screws, fixings, handles, and door locks – but does not include roofing materials and foundation materials to cover under timbers; estimated costs vary between approximately $650-1,200 depending on roof style and site conditions.


Versatility and Assembly

A hallmark of Allwood Eagle Point model cabins is their flexibility: this spacious structure can serve as anything from primary residence, retail space, office or even hybrid home/business applications.

Although its size and complexity is considerable, Allwood House comes complete with user-friendly instructions for assembly. Due to the structure’s size and height requirements, professional assembly services should be utilized; upon request Allwood can provide a free estimate for installation services.

Experience The Online Order Experience Now

The Allwood Eagle Point 1108 sq ft cabin kit house is not available as a stock model due to customers often preferring additional components; therefore after placing an order you should anticipate delivery in 45-60 days and can make payments of 10% down plus balance due upon delivery. A payment schedule offering 10% down payment plus balance prior to shipping may also be offered.

The Allwood Eagle Point model can be purchased on Amazon for $46,900 and provides convenient living solutions that offer quality construction with customizable customization capabilities for maximum personal satisfaction.

The Allwood Eagle Point 1108 sq ft house stands as an inspirational testament to the future of housing solutions, featuring convenient online shopping, quality construction and endless customization possibilities – it truly represents dream home living! Suitable as primary or secondary residential units as well as office/retail spaces this model meets every demand imaginable and provides all that space you may require! So start building yours now – find yours!

The mannequin is Allwood Eagle Level’s 1108 sq. foot cabin kit house, and it’s priced at $46,900 on Amazon.Building Homes and Living