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These Inexpensive Kit Homes Start at Less than $8,000

  • 4 min read

Quonset HutTM from Steel Master Construction Systems is a great alternative for those who are looking for a different building concept. Quonset Huts have many uses, including temporary structures, storage sheds, barns, and military applications. They have also become a popular housing option in the home sector. The kits are not only inexpensive, but they also include all the materials necessary to build a home. The open floor plan allows for virtually unlimited interior design. The materials used in the construction of these Quonset Huts conserve energy and are guaranteed to last for 30 years. The Quonset Huts will last longer and generate less waste. The Quonset barn style dwellings are also manufactured in a way that reduces waste. The manufacturer produces consistent kits, which reduces waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Quonset Huts also have a lot of appeal because they are resistant to natural calamities such as earthquakes and high winds. Steel buildings can withstand earthquakes so people do not have to worry about losing their home. If properly insulated they can also handle heavy loads of snow. Once the steel building is delivered to the site, it only requires a nut or a bolt to connect the structures. Even a beginner can easily assemble the structures. Steel buildings can be easily maintained and protected. Metal buildings are resistant against rot and termites. Steel Master homes are made from metal coated with Galvalume Plus. This coating protects the metal from corrosion that occurs on unprotected steel with time. The coating protects from the sun, cold wind and other elements. This makes it easy to maintain a constant temperature in the interior.

To give you an idea of the price of one of these 20 x 40 foot, 10 ft high home models, it starts around $8,000. A 40-foot-by-40 foot home constructed from 22 gauge Galvalume Steel might cost about $35,000 to build. Consider the foundation, as well as the plumbing and electrical system. Steel Master has built Quonset huts for over 30 year, for companies like Disney, NASA Boeing US Military, and 3M. Steel Master has its headquarters in Virginia Beach. The company produces its kits on site and ships them all over the world. Customers can customize Quonset structures. There are a variety colors, styles, and uses. The interior walls of the house are flat and straight. This gives them a traditional look. It’s easy to decorate and furnish them. You will feel like you are in your own home if walls are added to separate rooms. You can add a second story loft if you need more space. Would you like to live in a Quonset-like structure or an old Quonset-hut?

The barn kits were designed and manufactured by Steel Master Building Systems.