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This A Cozy, Wooden Log Home Is A Real Paradise

  • 4 min read

The Sulkowice, a wooden hut in the Little Beskids is a great place to relax and enjoy mountain views. The log cabin is situated in the wilderness, surrounded green forests and high peaks. Here you can find inner peace and harmony with nature. It is a beautiful and unique place that shows different faces at different times of year. You can wake up early to enjoy the sunrise over the mountains while you are on vacation. One of the many scenic routes offers opportunities for hiking or biking. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the memories that will last a lifetime.

Breathe in the mountain air and discover the Little Beskids’ faces, from the soft, sun-kissed slopes down to the rough, rocky outcrops. After a mountain trip, make sure you visit the traditional dry sauna at the back. Two rooms are located inside the log house. Each room is scented with forest and herbs and you can choose to include the Lavender or Mint. The log hut can hold up to 6 adults plus a child. So bring your friends and family. You can spend your evenings in a comfortable living area, listening to the crackling wood in the fireplace, and being surrounded by your loved ones.

The log house was constructed according to traditional carpentry principles. You can spend your evenings in a comfortable living space with your loved ones, listening to the crackling wood in the fireplace and enjoying the sounds of the natural world. The log house was built using traditional carpentry principles. This allows for excellent micro-ventilation.

The log cabin includes a living room with glass walls overlooking the garden and a sofa, a bathroom with shower cabin, and a cozy kitchen with fireplace. The Lawendowa bedroom, with 3 beds, has a double, single and a triple bed. The Mietowa bedroom, with 3 beds, has a double, single and double bed.

A Finnish sauna is located in the garden. There are also stone grills, wooden garden furniture for sitting together, a large fenced garden, a swing, and a trampoline. There is also free parking. You can wrap up in the autumn sun and take a rest in the fresh air. Free walks in the meadows and forests are available for younger guests. A well-equipped playground, swing and sandbox are available on the property. Board games and toys for children will provide hours of entertainment, especially on sunny days.

More information can be found here: Na odludziu