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This Adorable Little Log Cabin as Low as $16,158 is One Heck of a Home

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The Hunter Log Cabin is an affordable and beautiful log cabin kit. It offers lots of space on one floor. This log cabin has an open-concept design. There is no bedroom inside, but there is enough space to accommodate bunk beds. The kitchen is well-spaced and has island seating. There is also a living area. There is no bathroom in the cabin. An outhouse or bathroom could be built into the floor plan. These log cabin kits are available in sizes ranging from 10 feet by 15 feet for $5885, to 12 foot by 32 feet for $14.813. The cabin kit includes a large deck at the front and a small deck at the back.

These outdoor decks are great for entertaining and relaxing. The cabin has very few windows, but it gets plenty of natural light. These log cabin kits, which are very affordable, are a great size for smaller units. Imagine living in one of these cabins, surrounded by trees and a lake. These log cabins are the ideal place to wake up to the sounds and beauty of nature every morning. If you prefer to live in a smaller home, this cabin can be used for both recreational and permanent living.

Many people are returning back to simpler lifestyles or building log cabins for recreational purposes in order to live in nature. A cabin gives you a true sense of being connected to nature. Log cabin kits manufactured by log house manufacturers can be used to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still enjoying a sense of tranquility close to nature. Standard home constructions are made from human-made materials such as drywall. These chemicals can cause health problems for people. Log cabins made by log house manufacturers are built using all natural, renewable, and better building materials.

Log cabins also offer many benefits. Logs can be used as natural air purifiers to clean the air before it enters a cabin building design. Logs can be used to clean out toxic chemicals that are commonly found in the air. Log house builders can build log cabins that will last for years. You can enjoy the place for many years, or even pass it along to your loved ones. Log cabins are becoming more popular and you have many great reasons for investing in them.

The Hunter is one of many log cabin kits that you can find on the Wayside Lawn Structures website. Columbiana, Ohio is home to the largest supplier of portable gazebos, storage structures, and outdoor swing sets. These log cabin manufacturers have been in operation since 2002. They have become a trusted source for quality log cabin building designs and low-cost log cabin kits. Their site features log cabin kits, sheds, storage cabins, sheds, and other cabin building designs.

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