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This School Bus Tiny House Has A Roof Built Over It!

  • 4 min read

This amazing little house was built from a school bus and is located in Sooke (British Columbia, Canada). A 1969 school bus was converted into a modest guest house in a unique garden location. The school bus vacation rental can be found near Sooke in British Columbia, just off the Galloping Goose Trail, in a rural residential area. The modest cottage is surrounded by beautiful beaches, virgin forests, and coastal trekkings. There are also refreshing lakes and rivers, wildlife, natural beauty, and other natural wonders. Victoria is a 30-minute drive away. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also bike 3 hours to get there. Sooke’s Old school BnB. Courtney’s former school bus has been taken apart and lovingly restored into a unique place with retro flair that uses many salvaged and reused building components.

A queen-size bed, darkening drapes and a kitchenette are just some of the amenities that you will find in this bus ride home. The house has an outhouse with a composting toilet, a hot water tap, and even a chandelier that the owner found along the side of the road. Take a trip down the memory lane. There is no wifi available on board. However, you can get cell service. There are many other items available, including board games, books, maps, and cards of the local area. You can also purchase painting supplies and old-fashioned postcards.

The bus’s outdoor space includes a covered deck with seating, a BBQ, a hammock, and a fire pit area with Adirondack chair. The property is surrounded by beautiful gardens and large trees. The kitchenette comes with a small two-burner propane stove and a kettle. All kinds of teas are available, including black, green, or herbal. There is also a pour-over coffee set, sugar/honey, spice, oil, and vinegar. All the necessary pots, pans and plates, as well as silverware, are available. There is also an outdoor barbecue and all the accessories. You can keep regular and non-dairy milk, ketchup, and mustard in the fridge.

For breakfast, you’ll get the famous homemade nutty bread, some farm-fresh eggs, or a baked treat. If you have any special dietary needs or preferences, the owner will be happy to accommodate you. However, dogs who are small, calm, and hypoallergenic may be considered. You will need to stoop if you are over 5’10”. You can access Wi-Fi from the porch or driveway, but there is no Wi Fi inside the bus. It is important to remember that although the outhouse looks nice, it is still a house.