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This tiny lake home in Washington will blow you away when you see what’s inside

  • 3 min read

A vacation home is located just off the shoreline of Lake Whatcom in Washington. It’s hidden beneath the tall, shady trees. Its wide wall of glass reflects the afternoon sun that peeks out through the pines. This fills the home with light, and illuminates an entire room without effort. The neighbors are only about 40 meters away but the front patio is quiet as the residents listen the chirps of the birds.
It sounds like a picture, doesn’t? It is! The Salish park-model home from West Coast Homes, a trendy lakeside getaway with a spacious 23 square meter apartment and amazing views from its over-sized window, is a trendy retreat. The building was designed and constructed by Sproule & Associates, a company based in British Columbia that specializes in the planning and development of resort communities.

The spaciousness of this woodland retreat will surprise anyone who enters. The living area practically spills into the outside with how much natural light finds its way in, and the open plan kitchen and living room mesh seamlessly into a gray-blue color scheme to make the décor pop. A rolling kitchen table that doubles as an island is a bonus feature.

The cedar ceilings and warm lighting of the bedroom make up the lack of windows in other parts of the home. The view from the window is still enchanting, even with only one.

Even the bathroom en-suite has a window, but it is high enough so that the view does not give the onlookers an unwelcome peek. The bathroom has a full-size, extra-large shower. This is a feature that is not common in park model homes.
The loft is enormous! The family clearly used it as a children’s bedroom. There is plenty of room to play with the train set and other toys. They get their very own identical night stands, complete with reading lights for bedtime stories.

This lakeside vacation home has plenty of room for growth, and the family will enjoy it for many years to come. This would make a wonderful retirement home after the kids have grown up.