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Timber Log Cabin Kit Starts At Only $8000

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Timber log cabin

This timber log cabin kit is 12′ wide solid wood wall engineered cabin with a 6/12 pitch roof and 2×4 rafters. Each log has a double tongue & groove milled on the top & bottom kiln dried to 10-12% moisture content. The outside surface has been milled like a round log, and the interior surface is milled as knotty pine paneling. Expandable foam spray is sprayed in between the tongues on each log when the panels are assembled to seal out the elements. The pre-assembled roofing panels have the look and feel of an open beam ceiling with knotty Pine decking. It is easy to disassemble the building and move it after construction by removing screws. After moving to a different location, the panels can be fastened together.

Timber log cabin

Cabin construction does not require any drilling or sawing. The cabin kit is easy to assemble, and does not require heavy machinery or cranes.

Timber log cabins

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