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Tiny Seattle cottage has all it needs in one floor: The bedroom is so elegant

  • 3 min read

Within the vibrant Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, there’s a picturesque little cottage whose interior is equally — if not more — colorful. The cottage is small, but it’s full of charming details and a cheerfulness that’s bigger than life. You might even be so taken by this tiny home that it will make you reluctant to leave.

According to its AirBnB listing, this charming cottage has “Brazilian Cherry floors, granite tiles, and a clawfoot bathtub.” It is conveniently situated, allowing visitors easy access to downtown Ballard and other Seattle neighborhood via public transportation or short drives.

The most endearing feature of this cottage is the fact that each room has been painted in a different colour, giving each area its own unique ambience. The sunny yellow kitchen offers a bright space to prepare meals.


The cottage’s interior is orange-red. This gives the occupants an intimate and warm setting to dine, converse, and enjoy each other.

You can see the bedroom and sitting area just past the dining room.

The blue walls offer a sense of tranquility and relaxation — which is ideal for recreational activities such as watching TV and chatting on the day…
As well as for settling down for a good nights rest.

The minty-green bathroom is a great way to freshen up.
If you want to dine outside, there are also a patio set and barbecue for you to use.

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