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Tour 7+ tiny homes with shabby chic interiors

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Tiny homes are a growing trend. A majority of Americans spend a third to half their income on a home. This is usually through the monthly payment of a mortgage. It becomes a trap to just keep up with one’s current lifestyle, and then owning a house starts to feel like a trap.
Most tiny home-owners are attracted to the 1,000-square foot homes because of the freedom it offers. It is gone are the days when you had to pay a mortgage and feel like you have to work hard to keep up with your debt. You can build your tiny home or own your home. The best part is that you have complete freedom. You can enjoy a lower monthly bill because you don’t have to do much home maintenance. Many tiny home-owners are able to stop working full-time by being able to do this. They can now travel more and spend more time with their loved ones or pursue new hobbies.
You can decorate many tiny homes in any style. You can tour everything starting at tiny homes with the most rustic interiors To tiny homes with the brightest interiors. We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful shabby-chic interiors for tiny houses. Shabby chic is a style that features more antique and distressed decor in the interior. Some homes combine shabby chic and modern, while others blend rustic and shabby. No matter what your taste, you can bring vintage touches to your home with these homes.

1. This tiny home is amazing! This faux-brick kitchen wall looks amazing!
Kim Lewis is the founder Kim Lewis Design in Austin and Los Angeles. Lewis, also known as “The Vagabond designer”, has dedicated his life to designing buildings that reflect the “roots” of clients. . . wings . . and its purpose.” The home below was designed for Window to the Wild co-founders.
Simon McNeny and Lindsey, co-founders, train wildlife so people can interact with it. This helps them develop a love for and respect for it. They integrate interactive wildlife displays into the concrete jungle to raise awareness about the wildlife around us. Lewis was hired by the McNenys to design a tiny home that would reflect their love of wildlife and birds. The Perch is Texas’s final home. Get the full tour here.

2. Take a look inside. Tiny home’s reclaimed wood crates staircase is stunning
Jenna Spesard (traveling couple) and Guillaume Dutilh (traveling couple) are pros when it comes small houses. They not only live in a tiny home, but they also tow it behind a long-cab truck with a keen sense of adventure. They also visit tiny houses and write about them, as well as attending tiny house gatherings. They also take seriously funny photos of their travels and manage a humorous Web site called “Tiny House, Giant Journey.”
Photos speak volumes. The photos show that the couple lives a simple life and is constantly on the move, making trips to Europe, South America, and other destinations. Their tiny house lifestyle is a statement. What freedom does tiny house living allow you to give up your need for stuff? The bright-eyed Salies, their pet dog, seems to be on the road to answering that question. Let’s find out if their home, which they built, allows them to do that. Take a full tour here.

3. This converted bus looks like a rustic cabin inside.
This charming, hand-painted school bus is found in the Shawnee National Forest of Illinois. It offers a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle outside. This cabin-style, solar-powered cabin-style conversion allows you to escape the grid and enjoy the peace of the wilderness.
With plenty of room for three to sleep, this wood-paneled bus overlooks the most scenic lake, where you can canoe by day and enjoy a sky full of stars at night. As you walk through the forest and trails, you may be able to spot some of nature’s creatures. For a weekend, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and live in a rustic environment. You will feel refreshed and renewed when you return to your home. You’ll be compelled to stay the night in the bus as soon as you step into it. The ceiling and interior were made from hand-milled pine. See the complete tour here.

4. The interior of this vintage trailer is small but it’s quite amazing.
For decades, RV vacations have been a part of America’s travel traditions. While the first motorized camper was created in the early 20th-century, the popularity and use of travel trailers grew exponentially during the 1950s to 1960s. As with other architectural developments trailers started to be more focused on interior design and comfort than strict functionality.
Although this Red Dale Coach travel van was built in 1973, the owner wanted to pay homage both to mid-century design and 1950s culture while renovating her home-on wheels. Myrtle, a brightly-colored, adorable and unbelievably comfortable trailer, was the result. See the complete tour here.

5. This cottage is a stunning example of vintage industrial design.
The home’s stunning style begins with the unique black-andwhite exterior. The house is located on a South Wales coast and was originally constructed to receive the first telephone lines laid across the Atlantic Ocean. Now a vacation rental from the portfolio of Unique Home Stays, it has been charmingly dubbed the Cable Hut.
The home’s industrial heritage is evident in the current interior design. The past is reflected in the design of light fixtures that feature exposed Edison bulbs, wooden cable reel tables and black iron furniture. Industrial decor is mixed with traditional cottage design, creating a cozy space where square footage is not an issue. See the complete tour here.

6. Enjoy the quirky vintage décor and impressive ceilings in this charming cabin
Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy that promotes simplicity in log cabin living. It is a belief in living in harmony and nature, without the distractions of desire.
This lifestyle was adopted almost by accident by the United States of America. It is a peaceful existence that the forefathers of settlement time lived without trinkets, connected with the amazing might of the vast countryside of the U.S. here.

7. This is the dream: A lady builds her tiny home after raising her children.
M. J. Boyle has a unique story about her tiny home journey. Boyle shares her personal story of tiny living in a touching blog post titled “My Empty Nest.” After her two children left, Boyle had built and moved into her tiny home. Take a full tour here.

8. Charming cottage with vintage details will make you feel like “Home sweet home”.
The Campwoods Grounds, a unique community, is located in Ossining (New York). It was once a Methodist summer revival camping, but it is now the permanent home for 45 families. These cottages have been turned into permanent residences and this “Campwoods Cutie” is one such home.
The cottage measures 850 sq. ft. and has two bedrooms, one with a full bath, and one with a lavatory under the stairs. The floor plan includes a living room and dining room, a kitchen, a tea room, and a kitchen. The charming house is set in a beautiful setting with views of the nearby stream and trees. Take the complete tour here.

9. Eco-tiny home solves space problem with smart sleeping arrangement
Although it might look a lot like Hansel & Gretel’s candy house, the charming tiny house in New York State makes a great weekend getaway for nature lovers who are looking for close-by hiking and other outdoor activities. It’s also a wonderful spot for eco-friendly people.
This tiny house looks larger than it is thanks to the purple trim on its shutters, doors, and windows. It also has a charming front porch with a bench for two, and a side table that can be used for drinks during cool summer nights when the temperatures are in the low 60s. See the complete tour here.

10. This vintage camper is colorful and fun to explore.
This tiny trailer in Menlo Park, California is decorated with vintage decor and is the perfect little retreat.  It features original cabinets, wood panels, and quirky quilts that will take you back to the 70’s. This trailer is compact enough to make it comfortable.
You can also take a break from the comfort of the full-sized bed and dine outside if you get bored. There are lounge chairs, a pergola and a small patio where you can relax and enjoy the California weather. Enjoy the tour and see this tiny trailer firsthand. Get the complete tour here.

11. This tiny 296-square-foot cabin is quite the charmer
Little Log House Company draws inspirations from fairy tales. This tiny cabin of 296 square feet is all the more appealing because of their sense for wonder. The Gate Lodge model 1A (there are 3 different versions) features a gated porch, balcony, and other unique features that set it apart from other cabins.
The Gate Lodge, like all homes by The Little Log House Company was handcrafted using high-quality large semiround logs and rustic wood floors. Their dedication to using “Historic Log Building Methods & Style” and quirky detailing imbues each home with feelings of both nostalgia and magic. Take a full tour here.
12. Every room in this quaint little cottage is a shabby-chic dream – take a peek inside
This historic home in Overland Park was built around 1910. This charming house can now be used for events such as baby showers, parties and small weddings.
The small decorated home is shabby chic in its unique style. It is filled to the brim with unique furniture and decor. The space feels light and airy thanks to its subtle color palette. There are plenty of windows, which keep it from feeling too cluttered. Take a look around the tour here.

13. Welcome to the Painted Lady
The Painted Lady is almost too beautiful to be true, according to Tiny Texas Houses. However, we can assure you that this tiny house is real and not a cartoon. The house’s charming features are not limited to its colorful exterior paint. Take the complete tour here.

14. Take a look inside Rusted Mountain Roost’s tiny home
This tiny home owner had a clear vision of what she wanted for it. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, a Colorado-based company, was hired by the owner to execute her plan. The client provided several scaled drawings to the company of what she wanted. After some modifications to the original plans, the collaborators were able build the house exactly the way the owner wanted. See the complete tour here.