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Tour this beautiful 2-bedroom tiny house on wheels with us

  • 4 min read

So often, when wanting to adopt the tiny lifestyle, people find themselves having no choice but to settle for something less than ideal – too cramped, or too shabby-looking. Who said tiny living meant poor living conditions? The Indigo trailerDriftwood Homes USA is here to prove that the size of your house doesn’t need to be the only thing that impresses your guests.
Clocking in at 280 square feet – with a vehicle length of 24 feet – the Indigo is not only a marvel of tiny home design, it’s also one of the most beautiful homes you’ll see. The repurposed wood walls create a stunningly antique look, while still remaining modern. Stainless steel appliances and electrical outlets are located throughout the floorplan. Let’s have a closer inspection.

The home’s exterior features a classic and colorful design, with cedar siding painted in a vibrant blue. It also has a welcoming entrance. The trailer is fully equipped to take you on the road at any time.
The common area is a combination of a living room and kitchen. It works beautifully, especially considering the limited space. It’s never been easier to entertain your guests while you cook dinner.

The kitchen combines old barn wood, custom-made cabinets, a polished wooden countertop, and high-quality appliances to create a style that is both old-fashioned, and in line with recent design trends.
The tiny home is cleverly designed, allowing a bathroom and bedroom to be on the same floor with the living room and the kitchen without it looking too crowded. The bathroom has its own space, which gives it extra privacy.

The bathroom is spacious enough to feel like it’s in a home of normal size, and is decorated beautifully. You can even relax on the shower bench and take a long shower.
The master bedroom has a queen-sized mattress and plenty of natural light. Although it appears to be firmly in place, the Murphy bed can be folded up and used as a desk and extra storage.
Next to the bed is a closet that features enough space – and the necessary outlets – for a washer and dryer. The master bedroom itself isn’t the best.

Every iota is used to the best of its ability. The stairs to the upper floor contain spaces for extra storage – or decoration.
The Indigo’s upper level is its crown jewel. It has a loft and a separate room, so a family can live here.
The loft is surprising spacious, with a queen-sized matt.It is possible to add extra storage space by replacing the bean bag and ress in the corner.

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