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Tour this park model dressed for TV: You won’t believe the internal finishes

  • 4 min read

Have you ever considered what is possible with a park-model? Modern designers and architects are continually pushing the boundaries. What can be achieved when it comes to interior finishes?
Today, we’re going to look inside a park model that is very attractive. Lil’ Lodges. This example was featured on FYI Network Tiny House Nation Then, the The intention is to create a park model that feels more like a home.

You can also find out more about this by clicking here.gorgeous park model It has two bedrooms and a bathroom. This is a great example of what can be done with a mobile home. Explore further, you will love this one.
The exterior of the movable cabin has a combination of stone and wood.

They blend perfectly together to create a striking construction made of natural materials.
This park model is a large-sized model with a porch that is over-sized.

This design features a large covered porch that can be furnished with an outdoor dining set.
In a few years this light-colored timber would blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. It would take on the character and feel of the surrounding forest or hills.

The main living area is stunning! The large windows and skylights, along with the cathedral ceilings, ensure that natural light is abundant in the home. This allows the designers to use dark tones throughout.

The rustic wood finishes create an incredibly cozy space, whilst the beautiful stone fireplace will heat this charming floor plan effortlessly.
The kitchen is decorated with dark wood, and the natural grain of wood is enough to make this attractive space. The modern look of this kitchen is enhanced by the high-quality appliances, while that large sink is an attractive feature.
The low ceiling’s rich tones are a great use of wood.

The lighter countertops are a nice contrast to the darker finishes.
The master bedroom is at the rear of this floor plan, and has a lot of large windows.

The rustic wooden ceilings and cabinetry give the room a feeling of earthiness, while the inviting bed and net curtain make it feel light.
The bathroom is finished with a variety grey tiles that create a clean, modern space. The brilliant white fittings contrast beautifully with these darker shades.
The bathroom looks spacious from the main living space of the home. It doesn’t feel cramped like some park models.

This park model’s loft has been converted into a second bedroom. The designer chose a lighter color of wood for the upstairs because there is less light. The cathedral ceiling allows for plenty of standing area.